Internship Experience @ Chambers of Advocate PS Manjunath, Bangalore: A Great Internship Made Greater by Bangalore!

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Chambers of Advocate P.S. Manjunath, N0.38,

C.R. Singh Building, Govinda Rao Street,

2nd Cross ,Kumar Park,

West Bangalore-560020.

Application Process

Through mail and phone calls.

One can contact Advocate Vivekanand (Same Chamber) :09844254843

Duration of internship and timings

4 Weeks or more. (Mandatory 4 weeks)

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I was very excited on the first day of my internship, I was introduced to all lawyers in my chambers on the first day and introduced to the nature of work and briefing on the work that would be given to the interns.

The chamber under which I was working was dealing with land acquisition and education matters mainly and other all civil based cases. I was asked to report to the office by 9 am sharp everyday,the nature of my internship was different.

I use to report office by 9 am sharp check the list of cases and its brief ,i.e look upon the matter of cases and leave to the High Court with my advocates.

Main tasks

The main task I was given with was research work, drafting and understanding the case in detail. As we all use to leave to High court at 9:30 am from the office after a small check on the matter and no of case list.

At 10:00 am I use to reach High court and attend the proceedings with my advocate and understand the procedure.

After the court hours some times my advocate involved me in the meetings with his clients and helped me and made me understand how to deal with it, also assigned me with few tasks. I attended family courts and trial courts and gained idea of the work .

They were very friendly and accommodating. Despite I was in 1st semester of LLB three years course, they did not underestimate me and instead helped to learn a lot and assigned me with productive work.

I was also allowed to use the High court library ,no words it has a huge and super big library.

Work environment and people

The working environment was very good. the chamber where it is situated is very decent,beautiful and calm area.

The climate was amazing, because the time I interned was in the month of October to November, the climatic condition in the Banglore city at this time is generally beautiful and very cool.

Any one can easily adjust with the Banglore city climate. And Banglore High Court premises is one of the beautiful premises in India, the court has a amazing South Indian canteen name ‘Aadiga’, best place for interns to have lunch and tea break.

As a girl I am very fond of shopping so I some times went to commercial streets(famous shopping spot in Bangalore city) for shopping and refreshments after the court and office timings,very near to both the places. People in the Bangalore city are very helpful and nice .

Best things

Best thing is amazing experience at the High court of Karnataka and the beautiful Banglore city; my internship was productive and fun; I got to meet and interact with ample of interns from different colleges, we shared our experiences with each other and had useful interaction.

Bad things

Nothing was really bad, because when one enjoy the place and work its always fun and satisfactory.. Stipend no stipend

Biggest Lessons

I learnt the court manners and rules, learned to explore the city independently and acquired ideas knowledge from different interns

Any Other Thing

Best part is we get to gain experience in the court and as well as in the chambers (office).


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