Internship Experience @ Chair on Consumer Law and Practice, NLSIU, Bangalore: Write & Submit Reports, Attend & Organize Conferences

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Chair on Consumer Law and Practice, NLSIU, Bangalore

Application Process with contact details

One would have to email Prof. Dr. Ashok Patil at and cc it to

Attached to the e-mail must be the applicant’s CV and a legal writing sample.

Duration of internship and timings

14th February – 9th March, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I was given a cubicle that housed my a desktop computer to work on. They prefer you working on their PCs, however, it’s okay if you carry your own laptop as well. I was introduced to the other researchers working at the Chair. I was supposed to read their internship rules and begin with some preliminary research work.

Main tasks

Initially, I had to research on online Consumer Mediation cells across the world, and prepare a detailed report on how these cells work. Further, I had to research on the Mediation and Arbitration laws in India and Singapore alongside a detailed study of the UNCITRAL rules and prepare a report on the the same.

Later, I was appointed a rapporteur in one of the conferences organised by the Chair on Consumer Rights to Healthy Food.

Lastly, I was engaged for research on the then latest Insurance Laws (Amendment) Ordinance, 2014 and how it was different from the erstwhile Insurance Law.

Work environment and people

Work environment is calm and the people are friendly. Regular meet-ups over lunch and birthday parties are a trend.

Best things

Apart from the experience you gain from the internship itself, you also get to write and submit reports, attend and organize conferences, etc. All this adds to the general experience of the internship and makes it a memorable one.

Bad things

On some days, there isn’t much work and the hours are as long as other days. On such days, you find yourself bored with nothing but the internet to surf.



Biggest Lessons

This internship went a long way in deepening my understanding on issues related to Online Consumer Mediation laws, Mediation and Arbitration laws in theory and in practice. Alongside, I gained practical experience as a rapporteur and as an organizer of a conference.

Overall Rating



Being a student at NLSIU, I stayed in the hostel itself. However, the hostels/guest houses are available to interns from outside at Bangalore nominal rates as well. If the internship is confirmed, one may request Prof. Patil for the same.

Office Timings

9 AM to 4 PM, interspersed by a half an hour lunch break. They are particular about timings, and non-compliance is looked down upon.


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