Internship Experience @ Centre for WTO Studies, IIFT, Delhi: Amazing Work Environment, Research Based Work {S}

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Centre for WTO Studies, IIFT, Delhi

Application Process

They take in interns throughput the year and a mail regarding internship can be shot to the administrative officer – Mr Lahiri on his email id which is available on the website.

Duration of internship and timings

July 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First impression: Quite Impressive. Situated in the IIFT premises, and right next to a Buddhist Monastry, going there everyday was a peaceful experience in itself.

Formalities: On the first day, I reported to Mr. Lahirir, who directed us to one of the Professors under whom we had to carry out our work. After general introductions, the Professor asked about our area of interest and we were assigned work accordingly.

Infrastructure: The CWS office is situated on the 7th floor of IIFT which in itself is quite a remarkable and green campus

Main tasks

Research based work – mainly reviewing disputes which have taken place at the WTO or any upcoming issues at the WTO level which could affect India.

Work environment and people

One word – AMAZING.

Best things

1. The WiFi

2. The Campus

3. Professors and the other staff – very friendly

4. Work environment

Bad things

None that I can think of.



Biggest Lessons

Researching is not boring at all.


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