Internship @ Bharucha and Partners, Mumbai: Background Checks; No Stipend; Rated 9/10

Name of the organisation. City. Office Address. How was the office? Team strength.

Bharucha and Partners, Mumbai office.

Office Address: Cecil Court, 4th floor, M. K. Bhushan Marg, Colaba, Mumbai 400 039.

There are two offices of Bharucha in Mumbai. The one in Hague, is the Corporate wing, while the other, where I interned is in the Cecil Court which is the litigation wing of the Firm.

The office is on the fourth floor of the Cecil Court. The building is right behind Regal Cinemas, so its not a difficult job locating it. Also, it’s right opposite the famous Cafe Mondegar. The office is near the fort area, and also near to the High Court and the Sessions Court.

The office is spread on the entire fourth floor of the building. The swanky office has a reception area, five conference rooms, pantry, lunch room, server room, Zerox and filing room and separate offices for Senior partners.

Though the office doesnt have a designated Library but the books are spread over many book shelves consisting of various Journals, Reporters and other Law books. The firm has a designated interns area with decent space room.

The firm has two Senior partners, Mr. Vivek Vashi and Mr. M P Bharucha. I am not aware of the exact number of associates and senior associates, however, the total workforce would be around 30 including the partners.

Duration of internship

May 5 – June 1

Application procedure? Internship Contact Details

I had applied through my college’s Committee for Internship and Recruitment.

However, one can apply directly through through their website HERE or the link HERE.

Duration in weeks. Days of work per week. Timings.

It is 5 days a week, with Saturdays off.  Interns are expected to reach by 10:00 A.M.

Interns can leave by 7:00 P.M, if they don’t have incomplete work. However, I have often stayed back till 9 or 10 to complete my assignment. Interns staying beyond 8 pm are allowed to order dinner, expenses of which are borne by the firm. Even, transportation is provided to female interns if they stay back late.

First impression, first day, formalities

On the first day, I reached the office by 9 am. I met the receptionist who guided me to the intern area and asked me to wait. I was asked to provide my address and contact details for Mumbai. I then met my co interns at around 10. I then was the introduced to the associates of the firm. I was also provided with a laptop to work on, mail id and log in passwords to access internet resources.

I met Mr. Krishnendu Sayta, who gave me a research work to find out scope of DOT guidelines issued by the Maharastra government and i was occupied with the same work the entire day.

There is no formal procedure as such and the interaction is informal.

Duration of internship

May 5 – June 2 , 2014

Main tasks

There are no separate departments in the firm. the work is allocated randomly based on the availability of intern, work and urgency of the work.

The following tasks were undertaken at the internship:

I assisted in undertaking a due diligence for a property matter. I also assisted in carrying out various background checks as regard the various ongoing cases of the parties involved in the litigation throughout the various Jurisdiction in India.

I also visited the High Court and the Sessions court on few occasion to witness the court proceedings of the matter I was working on. I also happen to visit the Old customs House to procure a copy of an order.

I also attended client meetings of the cases  I was working on.

Clerical work involved preparing list of exhibits, list of documents, memos and preparing documents for the clients.

Research was carried on the following

1.Scope of DOT Advisory guidelines for issue of clearance of mobile towers.

2.Nature of DOT Guidelines: whether mandatory or suggestive?

3.Cases with regards to conflicts between state and central acts/guidelines/notifications

4.Defining the scope of “As is where is”

5.Cases with regards to RTI application appeal when information is already in possession.

6.Application of the principle of “appreciation of evidence as a whole” in civil matters

The most interesting work allotted was to find the Application and ambit of “Natural Justice”when the Judge in a matter failed to appreciate the submission of evidence ( even though the evidence were submitted to him).

The work allotted was mostly fact based where interns were expected to answer to legal question to the point supported by case laws. the focus was not only the answers but also the way it was presented.

The interns were asked to submit a weekly worksheet enumerating the work carried out and the timings of the same.

Work environment, people

The work environment is pretty relaxed and chilled out mainly due the young and lively workforce. The associates need not be addressed as Sir or Ma’am. The interaction is informal and the associates can be heard swearing at each other.

The best things AND the bad things

The best part was the work assigned which were non-monotonous and very diverse. The interns never worked under a single associate or senior associate or partners and work was allotted as and when it came up. The people were patient and kind enough to teach and entertain doubts.  Good work was often appreciated.

There was unlimited supply tea, coffee, biscuits or maggi whenever one wanted at their desks. And not to forget, the interns had been taken out for lunch with the entire firm once and on another occasion the entire firm went for drinks and dinner which provided for good interaction with the senior management of the firm.

There were very few bad things about the internship. It was the wait for work when there was no work. Sometimes, clerical work assigned became a botheration. Also, the interaction was mostly with associates and senior associates with minimal interaction with the senior partners.

Apart from these minor issues, the overall experience was amazing, enriching and encouraging. All in all an amazing place to work especially for people looking to work in a litigation firm.


No stipend.

Accommodation etc. What did you to do chill in and around the office and the place of stay?

The firm is in south Bombay. I stayed at the Wilson Colege’s hostel, which was  largely unoccupied due to their breaks. It is situated right opposite the Girgaon Chowpatty.You can contact Mr.Simon on this number- 9022179721.

They charge Rs. 8000 per person for triple occupancy and single occupancy is charged higher. I took a bud directly from Wilson college bus stand and it took 15-20 mins to reach my office.

Another option could be YMCA hostel for boys. they provide for accomodation plus food at very nominal rate. for further information, please contact Mr. Rafael on this no. 9819445048. The place is often fully occupied and busy throughout the year.

One can also opt for Seva Niketan. Its address is Sodality House, Near Byculla Bridge, Sir J J Road, Byculla, Mumbai – 400027 . Its rate list is as follows:

(i) 14 seater: Rs. 110 per night

(ii) 8 Seater: Rs. 150 per night

(iii) 4 seater : Rs. 190 per night

(iv) 3 seater: Rs. 200 per night

(v) 2 seater: Rs. 250 or 300 per night

(vi) single room: Rs. 400

It also has mess which provides for cheap meal. plus, the JJ hospital Doctor’s mess is also a good alternative for cheap meal.

The only drawback of this place is that only the single occupancy is equipped with a charging point .Others have to come to reception to charge there laptops, mobile phones,etc.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues

The Coloba market provides for a  wide array of food joints. There is Mc Donalds nearby. Cafe Mondegar is right opposite the office. plus, you have the  option of vada pav and sugarcane juice near the regal cinemas.

The majestic guesthouse (also runs a food joint) is a good place for a sumptous though cheap lunch right accross the street. The coloba market itself is a place to visit and explore with food joints dotting the entire street. One can also visit the fort area and also visit the Stock Market (If interested).




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