Internship Experience @ Banthia and Company Advocates, Bhopal: Attend Client Meetings, Fruitful Experience

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Banthia and Company Advocates, Bhopal, 300

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Apply through email by sending CVs on

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8 Weeks, 1st May – 28th June

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

It was a completely new experience. Unlike the previous internships, here I was helped in learning drafting and the concepts of property law. As said before, this was a learning experience. No research work was given initially as interns are treated as learners not as clerks. But if you want to do research work, you are provided with the same.

Some modules are specifically made for interns to help them in learning drafting. Modules contain drafting of different deeds, memorandums, petitions, notices, appeals, plaints, affidavits, etc. Interns are supposed to read these files and learn drafting from them and in case of any doubts, they could either ask sir or ask any of the advocates working out there.

I used to go in the morning at 10 am to the office which was in Kohe-Fiza, Bhopal. I used to read those files and made notes for my study. After completing all the files, I was given some case-files to read and was given some drafting work.

Sometimes, I also accompanied the advocates to the court where I was made familiar with the court procedure and proceedings. I was given some case files to read before the court hearings. We were allowed to attend client meetings and tele-conferences which turned out to be a fruitful experience for us.

The interns were treated nicely with humbleness and kindness. Even our health was taken care of. We were provided with juice in scorching heat. There was facility for tea and coffee. Treats were an essential part of our internship breaks.

Main tasks

Read files made for interns and learn drafting from them and in case of any doubts, ask any of the advocates present there or can directly ask sir, without any restrictions.

Work environment and people

Work Environment is very light. Since, there is no research work for interns, there are no deadlines. Sir and his associates are very kind and humble and despite being busy, they always entertain doubts and help interns in learning drafting.

There are no restrictions regarding time i.e. you can come whenever you want, though reasonableness should be kept in mind and you can leave whenever you like; work i.e. if you want to learn, files were there to help you in learning and if you want to do drafting and research, a lot of cases are there on which you could work. The interns were taken well care of.

Best things

I was taught those things without which one cannot stand in litigation and not even in corporate. Secondly, here I was treated as an intern and lastly, I learnt something.

Bad things

I didn’t found any flaws out there.


Based on incentive work you are allotted.

Biggest Lessons

If you want to achieve something, you should have a vision and the same should be clear.

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

Bhopal, city of lakes is a beautiful city and capital city of Madhya Pradesh. There is no problem of accommodation.

You can get hostels very easily in MP Nagar and nearby areas. You can get hostels with lodging and food facilities. Even sir has some contact nos. of people who have hostel and paying guest facility.

Transport facility is very good. You can easily get public buses. Public transport in Bhopal is safe.

What can you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues

Enjoy with the co-interns and specially, you will love the incidents that sir will share. Outside the office, there is a lake which is one of the biggest lakes in Bhopal where you can enjoy boating, can go on cruise, etc. and there are good places nearby to enjoy. But no smoking, drinking and non-vegetarian food is allowed in the office.


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