Internship Experience @ Samisti Legal, Hyderabad: Comfortable Environment, Drafting & Research Work

Name of Law Firm, City

Samisti Legal, Hyderabad

How to apply for the internship

I sent my resume at and got a reply within one week.

Office Timings

6 days a week except a off on 2nd Saturday, 9:30-6:00

Office environment & first day formalities

The office has a comfortable working environment. There were no formalities as such. On my first day I was introduced to the partners and associates and was allotted the work.

Main tasks

I was asked to do research work, draft agreements and write articles. During my internship period I was allotted with a topic and was asked to give a presentation on the same on my last day to the entire office.

Office Seniors

The seniors were very helpful and I could approach them any time for any help.

Best thing

Despite being an intern I was given variety of work, which helped me during my last year of college and campus interviews.

Bad Thing

There was nothing bad as such but one thing that I missed was a cafeteria in the office.

One thing to remember

In college we don’t get to learn drafting skills. Here I learnt the basics of drafting which proved to be really helpful.

Snacks & Accommodation

One can find eateries and snacks counter just near the office. Also, accommodation is very easy to find out in this area.


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