Internship @ Manupatra, Noida: Case Analysis | Hectic Schedule | Free Lunch & Rs. 3000 Stipend

Name, College, Year of Study

Akshay Prakash Srivastava, Faculty of Law- Lucknow University, 3rd Year

Name of Organization, Location

Manupatra Information Solutions Private Limited, Noida

How big was the office, team strength?

The office was a five storied building with 1st, 2nd and 5th floor occupied by Manupatra. It was just the adequate size which one can think of. The first floor consisted of the IT Department and the dinning area, on second floor there were marketing personnel and on the fifth floor was the content division where the interns worked.

The total team strength is difficult to analyze because the office is spread on three floors. However the strength on the fifth floor was 15-20 employees including the CEO and the customer care executives.

Application Procedure

I get to know about this internship from a review posted on Lawctopus by Mahip. I mailed my CV to HR, Pallavi Mehta, at a favorable response came within an hour or two and thereafter I was confirmed internship for the month of June. I applied two months advance.


I stayed at Mohan Regency, Noida. The details are HERE. The pg is situated near Khoda (Labor Chowk), which is at 20 minutes distance from Noida Sector 15 Metro Station via auto (@ 10 rs/head). It is managed by Mr. Amit he can be contacted at 9910501058.

They have 3 floors for boys and 1 for girls and rooms are available on double and triple sharing basis. The Rent is 5200/month for AC room inclusive of food (breakfast and dinner) but you have to pay electricity charges @ Rs 9/unit.

Duration of Internship, number of days, timings

Mine was four weeks internship commencing from 2nd June to 27th June, however there were three weeks interns also. Office is five days a week. Interns are expected to reach by 9 and leave at 6. They are quite strict about their timings and in case of any delay you are expected to have a valid reason. Also you have to give an excuse every time you try to step out early.

First Impression, first day formalities

Getting to the office of Manupatra is a bit confusing at first since there aren’t any signboards nearby. As soon as you leave Noida Sec 15 Metro Station go straight then take first right (basically you will be walking adjacent to the Indian Oil Office). Now take the second left and you’ll be able to see Maruti Suzuki showroom.

Go straight till the end then take left, the first building on the left is the office. The second building is the GAIL office which is the tallest skyscraper in the area. At the entry the security personnel would take down your particulars and will guide you to your building. Rest assured your expectation will get completely satisfied when it comes to the infrastructure.

I reached at about 8:45 and was made to sit in a swanky conference room along with other interns. At around 9 the HR arrived and there was a formal introduction, thereafter we were asked to fill in a form, just the usual formalities no fuss here. Then we were taken to a conference room where Mr. Ashok gave us a presentation on Manupatra and its key features.

Thereafter one intern was taken to the second floor (as the fifth floor was already overcrowded with interns) and others were taken to fifth floor. At the fifth floor we were introduced with our mentors Avedita Ma’am and Ruchi Ma’am. It doesn’t matter under whom you are assigned as the work allotted is nearly the same. However you may consider yourself to be a bit lucky if you are assigned to Avedita Ma’am.

We were provided a separate workplace along with a desktop/laptop. I got a laptop with an additional responsibility of collecting it from and returning it to the IT personnel every day.

Each intern was also provided with an intercom and we were told to communicate to the mentor via intercom. You are expected to note down 3 important extensions, 2 of mentors and 1 of IT personnel Mr. Tyagi who is in charge of internet and computers.

Work environment, people

The work environment on the fifth floor is strict especially for the interns as they are constantly watched by the mentors. The mentors at times can be bossy and rude. They won’t make you sit around and waste your time for no reason. With the CEO sitting on the same floor one is not allowed to have any friendly banter, although the CEO himself seems to be a pretty chilled out person.

On the contrary the environment at the second floor is pretty jovial. Here the people are very friendly and they patch up with interns very easily; an obvious reason for this cozy affair is that the CEO seldom comes down to the second floor.

If one is not in a mood to work he can always lay back and enjoy. There are also regular games and interesting quiz at intervals which help to bring down the work pressure. The name of the winner is put up on the board and the winner is supposed to throw a party the coming week. With all such happenings at the second floor the CEO himself addresses it as the Party Floor.

Main task

Manupatra is very specific about the work they want from the interns. Before any task is assigned to us we are given a detailed briefing about it. On the first day we were briefed about assessment year in tax case, thereafter we were assigned the task of finding Assessment Year of nearly 1000 cases, it being our first day we were very enthusiastic, but it didn’t last long.

Next we were to work on ‘Relevant Section’; we were given a list of nearly 10,000 cases and were told to go through each case and find the particular section which is in dispute.

The third work was related to filling up of Industry, if any party to a case is an industry then we were to identify that industry and jot it down. Nearly 700 cases were assigned to each one of us.

The last work was related to updating Authorities, here one is expected to go through the judgment and note down any Authority referred by the Court, be it a dictionary or book or anything. It was the most tiring and prosy work.

One thing worth mentioning here that what work is allotted to an intern depends upon the project currently undertaken by Manupatra. You may end up learning a lot here or absolutely nothing; sadly ours was the latter case and therefore after a point, the work started becoming monotonous.

Best things

Epitome of corporate life. You get an experience of a corporate lifestyle for a month, from biometric fingerprint lock to CCD coffee machine you name it.

Free lunch, every afternoon. You get free lunch in the afternoon and it’s quite good as well. They provide packed food to every intern; it includes four chapattis, dal, vegetable, rice and salad. Once in a week they provide paneer or rajma, probably on Thursday.

They go by the policy of no wastage and you are expected to inform HR early in the morning in case you are on a fast or planning to go outside for lunch.

Free unlimited coffee. Any office is truly incomplete without a decent coffee machine so they have a CCD coffee machine at every floor, it’s always in order and one can get cappuccino, latte or espresso. There is also a cupboard with every flavor of tea in little tea bags. So you may end up drinking endless cups of tea and coffee.

Party! You get 2-3 parties in a month. They last for 15-20 minutes and are the best thing about the internship. It is the only time you get to socialize, even the CEO realizes it and therefore never hesitates in cracking a joke or two upon which all members are bound to laugh.

You don’t have to go begging anyone for an internship certificate. You only need to send a mail to the HR mentioning the work allotted to you and by the end of your internship HR would hand over your internship certificate along with your cheque and other goodies.

Bad things

An internship is supposed to enhance your legal skills, give you practical knowledge; however none of this happened at Manupatra. The work allotted here is not going to help you in any way whatsoever; it’s fag, you are merely a data entry operator. If you are willing to pay that much for a cheque and other goodies then alright, else you should consider seriously before applying here.

The timings are also a bit letdown, nine hours a day with half an hour break, which means one has to work for eight and a half hour a day, this makes your schedule so hectic that once you return from office, all you can think of is dozing off at the drop of hat.

What do you do to chill, co-interns, colleges?

There’s not much to chill around as you get only half an hour break. However you can take as many short breaks as you want for a coffee. Many times we all use to gather at the coffee machine for some friendly chat and discussion on almost everything under the sun. Also in case if you need to smoke or use your phone or listen to music you can go to the washroom.


You get a stipend of Rs. 3000 approximately irrespective of the number of holiday which you take. A friend of mine who didn’t came for four consecutive days got the same stipend. What is necessary is that you are in good speaking terms with the HR. You get your stipend via cheque.

Apart from that you also get books from Manupatra, I got five: CPC, Arbitration and Conciliation, a book on RTI, a book on Biotechnology & Patent Law and a book on taxation; some others got six. You get books of approximately 5000 rupees. Also each intern gets a bag from Manupatra. The total takeaway is nearly Rs. 9000.

Anything else you would like to tell, biggest lesson

They say “good things come to those who work” but interning at Manupatra will seriously make you doubt these words. A hardworking intern is over burdened with work. If you are on the second floor then people there will always tell you to go slowly or else you’ll be exploited. What is necessary is that you set a target for yourself and complete it on time. Also don’t be too slow or else you’ll land yourself in trouble as an intern’s progress is constantly checked.

Looking on the brighter side, this internship taught me to keep on going, life is not always a bed of roses and you may not always land in the right place at the right time but what is necessary is that you keep your head up and complete your work.


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