Internship @ Clasis Law, Delhi: Infrastructure Law Research, Rs. 5000 Stipend

Name, College, Year

Ashika Verma, Dr. RMLNLU, Lucknow, Vth Year

Name of the Organisation

Clasis Law, New Delhi 

Duration of Internship

One Month, July 2014

How Big was the Office? Team Strength?

Clasis Law, Delhi office is situation on Barakhamba Road, 14th floor, Dr. Gopaldas Bhawan Building. The office is spacious with a small but well equipped library, conference rooms and separate chambers for partners and a separate section for the admin and support staff.

There are 4 partners with around 30 associates.

Application Procedure. Internship contact Details.

I applied by sending a mail to the HR on her id:

One has to apply well in advance to get an internship at the firm, usually 3-4 months before the preferred month of internship. One should get a positive reply provided that he/she has applied well in advance and there are still some slots left.

They accept applications through college placement cells as well. Follow up can also be done by calling on their office number: 011 42130000.


Monday to Friday (Weekends are off! :D)

10am- 7 pm.

They are very particular about their timings. Interns have to call and inform at the reception if he/she is going to be late even by 10-15 minutes. That goes for each and every person in the office.

Once I actually got scolded for reaching the office at 10:15 😛 so make sure you are on time. One can leave after 7 if there is no work but you might be asked to stay beyond 7 in case of urgent work. Dinner and conveyance arrangements are taken care of in such a situation. 

Accommodation: where, how was it?

I stayed in a PG in Lapat Nagar during the internship which was not so good. So, I will not recommend it.  Although pgs in Delhi are the easiest things to find in and one can easily get contact details on the internet. 

First Impression, First Day Formalities etc

First impression of the Clasis Law office was really good. The office is well maintained and has a very professional look to it. You’ll be greeted by the receptionist as you enter and will be made to sit in the conference room with other interns who are joining from the same day. Then the HR will brief about the internship.

A mentor is assigned to each and every intern on the first day who is usually a senior associate and the interns have to report to the mentor. Then the interns are taken to the area where the associates sit.

Each intern is provided with a workstation and a PC. Although one might have to get their laptop in case there are more than 3-4 interns during that period as it happened during mine.

They have a tradition of presentations by the intern at the end of internship which will also be informed by the HR. One can take the presentation topic by his/her mentor or select one and get it approved by the Mentor.

This has to be done by the second or third week of the internship. 

Main tasks

The interns are basically given research work. The work depends a lot on the mentor and team that the intern is assigned with. For ex, I was assigned to the infrastructure and oil & gas department and my research work used to revolve around infrastructural and energy laws. But, the work was not restricted to individual departments.

Sometimes, I had work from as many as 3 different associates from 3 different departments. Associates used to come and ask if you’re free and would give you the work.

Thus, one is rarely sitting idle in the office and has a variety of work and on those rare days when you don’t have work, you can simply approach the mentor or any other associate in the office and they are more than happy to give you work.

The associates are friendly and chilled out, they give you time with the work assigned and take time out to explain what exactly has to be done.

Sometimes, when the partner requires the work urgently, you might have to postpone lunch or take the work back home but it’s all a part of the learning process and a sneak peak in the future.

Interns were supposed to maintain a worksheet on a daily basis which had details of the work done which was to be submitted to the HR at the end of the internship. Apart from the work, interns were required to work on their presentation side by side as presentations are a big deal at the office.

The entire office is required to attend the presentation and they generally do, and thus it might get a bit intimidating especially for people like me who have a fear of public speaking.

Also, it might go a long way in creating an impression on your chances of being recruited at the firm. Though, everyone from your mentor to the associates will help you in preparing a good presentation. The presentation has to be made in a PPT format.

Sometimes, one of the partners may also call you and assign you work but the associates working under him will help you out with it.

Work Environment, People

Work environment at Clasis Law is really good and very professional. When you’re assigned a task, you’re expected to give a well researched and detailed note on it.

The most important thing is that the intern’s work gets due recognition and if the work is really good, you earn the associates faith and get to work on important matters.

Though you can approach the associates a number of times to be clear on what exactly is required of you and they explain it very nicely every time. The background of the work assigned to you is also explained so that one is extra clear on what he has to submit. Overall, people are very professional and yet friendly and co-operative with the interns.

Best things:

1. The pantry! One is allowed free tea and coffee throughout the day and the coffee is amazing. Also, we used to get random treats from the office every other day for reasons as simple as good weather!

2. Work environment and people. There is no dearth of quality work for one who really wants to work. Unlike some offices, an intern gets to directly work and interact with the partners, which is really helpful for future prospects at the firm.

3. Location of the office. Even if you get off late, there are a lot of places to hang around and chill right in front of the office.

Bad Things:

None, really.  I had a pretty great time at the firm.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns

We used to take coffee breaks for 5-10 minutes in the pantry when we were not loaded with work or wanted to blow some steam off.

Office is located right next to CP so there are a lot of places to chill although it might be a bit heavy on your pocket as CP is an expensive area. Nevertheless, one can get maggi and juices in the cafeteria as well.

There are a lot of small food joints right below the office building where you can get snacks, fruits and juices for cheap and Haldiram’s and Dominoes are walking distances away!


Rs. 5,000 per month.

Anything else I’d like to tell

Clasis is a very good place to intern and learn for people looking to work in corporate sector or a law firm.

Biggest lessons

Apart from the small things the associates used to tell us, I learnt that one should not work to impress his/her associate or partner, but to learn the intricacies of law because that is what is going to help us in the long run.

Also, time management. 😛


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