Internship Experience @ Chambers of Sidharth Luthra, New Delhi: Court Visits Everyday, Good Work Environment


Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Chambers of Sidharth Luthra, New Delhi, 9-10 associates

Application Process

I applied through the internship and placement committee at my college and two applicants were hence chosen from my batch on merit.

These names and CVs are then forwarded to Luthra Sir’s office for final confirmation about whether you have been accepted or not.

Duration of internship and timings

I interned there for 3 weeks but this is flexible depending upon the availability of slots.

You have to be in office at sharp 9.00 am and you are allowed to go by 7.00 pm (or even earlier if you’re a girl) but if you’re a boy then you might have to stay longer on most days and even work on Sundays sometimes.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The office was very beautiful, with a nice garden too.

But on the inside it was very messy because there were so many files and papers scattered everywhere and everyone over there is always working and never bother to tidy-up their desks and so I enjoyed tidying-up the desks of my associates sometimes.

On the first day, you may get a chance to interact with Luthra Sir and you will be assigned an associate to work under for most of the internship duration.

Main tasks

Main tasks included case law research and then following up those cases and all other cases that the office is working on through court visits everyday.

Other tasks involved making case briefs, analyzing and summarizing witness statements.

Work environment and people

To be honest, my first day was so bad, I went back crying.

This was not due to the work environment but more because of me because this was the first time that I went to Delhi alone and for the first time did I get to work in a setup such as this where I was absolutely unaware of how things work.

So if you’re somebody like me who takes time to adjust, I promise you’ll cry on your first day.

So gradually I started to ask for work, interact with associates, made friends and so I found the environment to be very relaxed, full of nice people (who also scold you often for not working properly, but remember that it’s part of the learning process, i.e., to be able to work in a highly workaholic environment).

Unfortunately, I did not get to interact much with Luthra sir, maybe because there were 10-12 interns at the same time.

Best things

The associates and co-interns.

The Supreme Court canteen food. The Cheese omelette and chilly cheese bread deserve a special mention.

The dhaba near the office. You can eat your lunch and dinner here. It’s just like home food.

The office terrace. The office garden.

The work when there’s a lot of work to do. This applies only if you love the law and love legal work of any kind, however small it may be.

You get to work on some famous cases, like the Aruna Chaddha case and even get to work on some lesser known Acts such as The Legal Metrology Act.

The distance from the metro, only a 2 minute walk.

The hearings. Watching Mr. Luthra argue.

Watching many other lawyers argue.

Bad things

Well, this is not exactly a bad thing….but there’s no spoon-feeding at the office whatsoever.

You must learn to do everything on your own.

People are going to be indifferent to you on the first day (because 9 am is a really stressful time at office, when everyone is getting ready with the files to go to court) and you’ll not be made to feel welcome, especially if you’re someone like me who’s always lived in a very protective environment.

You have to learn to make your place.

No stipend.

Very tiring. I lost some weight.


None. But you get yummy pastries and snacks on birthdays!!

Biggest Lessons

Personally, the best thing about this internship was the changes it brought in me.

I learned how to talk to people, how to ask for work etc. I needed this because I’m too shy and never make an effort to talk.

So this internship made me tougher.

I learned to carry my suitcase of 20 kgs and reach the railway station through the metro. I learned to deal with the xerox machine bhaiya at the court.

I spent my first day crying because I was so scared and messed up and got scolded so much.

And I also spent my last day crying because I had fallen in love with my internship and was so sad to go.

So I had to buy new shoes to make me feel happy again.

Any Other Thing

If you get a chance, do intern here.

If you’re somebody who’s shy and nervous ALL the time and are unable to frame proper sentences when nervous, this place will certainly help you build a lot of confidence.


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