Internship Experience @ Advocate Ramesh Upadhyay, Allahabad: Make notes and give suggestions on various legal aspects

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Pronoy Chatterjee, Amity law School Centre II, 2013-18

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Office of the Chief Standing Counsel Shri. Ramesh Upadhyay, Uttar Pradesh Government At Allahabad High Court , Allahabad

Application Process with contact details

I used my personal contact in acquiring this internship.

Though one can drop in a mail at along with their c.v and can visit his chamber with a hard copy of his/her C.V with a recommendation letter from the college.

Duration of internship and timings

May 23, 2016 – June 23, 2016.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The first day was an introduction which my mentor Advocate Mr. Prashant Shukla gave me about the office and the type of work they do in the office. Mostly civil matters where the state of Uttar Pradesh and its bodies are involved are taken up.

The first day formalities involved me taking the phone numbers of every office clerk working in the office and it also involved me to get a pass made of the Allahabad High Court which is advisable though not Strictly compulsory.

The office of Ramesh Sir is a building where all the counsels of the state carry their work from which has a library and has an access of legal databases and various legal drafters are ready to assist you.

The home Office of Ramesh Sir is lavish and includes a state of the art library with all the basic amenities which a good law office should consist of and a chamber where he allowed me to work is luxurious.

Main tasks

1. Reading Case files and making briefs for Ramesh Sir which used to be the basis for his oral arguments.

2. I had the responsibility to make notes and give suggestions on various legal aspects during certain meetings which Ramesh Sir used to conduct with various government officials and police personnel involved in various cases.

3. I had to draft various applications and supervise in the drafting of various written statements and replications of concerned cases.

4. Observed various matters in the court both criminal and civil but mostly civil and learnt court manners with a keen emphasis on the way a argument is to be approached.

Work environment and people

The work environment is very strenuous as a lot of matter i.e nearly 500 matters a day is with the Chief Standing Counsel but he appears in few important cases the rest is dealt with other standing counsels under him.

The people in the office are very chilled out and are very helpful. A vast array of knowledge can be acquired by each and every person of the office whether it be the clerk or any junior lawyer.

Best things

The best thing of this internship was the practical knowledge and field work involved in each case made me strong and efficient for my future career as a litigator.

I was treated very nicely and with respect as everyone holds high regard and respect for Ramesh Sir in the High Court.

Bad things

The bad things were none but I wish there were more cases during the vacation bench.

The use of technology should have be given more importance as most of the work is manual and not so much computerized.



Biggest Lessons

One must do an internship under a counsel of the State government as it will give an idea of how a state government functions.

It will help one to get in touch with many important and resourceful persons.

One gets familiarized with the working of the High court.


I have my house in Allahabad so accommodation was not a problem but for others there are many PG’s and hostels which accommodate students for a month or two and are near the Allahabad University Main Campus which makes it 4 km away from both the district court and High Court.

Office Timings

I had to directly report to Ramesh Sir in the High Court at 10:00 AM sharp as I had to see the cause list and make my schedule according to that.

I had to stay till 4:00 PM at the court from where I returned back to my house and at 7:00 had to report to the office where I did my remaining work and read case files.


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