Internship Experience @ Ramesh K. Mishra, AOR, SC: Drafting & Research Work, Supreme Court Visits

Name, College, Year

Varun Sharma, 1st Year, Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi

Name of the Organisation

Chamber of Advocate Ramesh K. Mishra, Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India

Office Address

C-41, LGF, Block C, Jangpura Extension, Jangpura, New Delhi, Delhi 110014

Duration of Internship

1st July- 31st July 2018.

The internship was four weeks long. Sir had cases both in the High Court as well as the Supreme Court. Depending upon where the case is listed that day, I used to reach that court by 9:30 in the morning and sit in the court to hear the arguments. After wrapping the matter in the court, sir used to take me and other interns with himself to the office. He even used to assign us work during the commute sometimes.

Application Procedure

I reached out to sir on LinkedIn. I messaged him a cover letter in the body of the message itself and also attached my resume. I got a reply within 2 weeks. I think LinkedIn is the best place to apply as sir has a habit of checking his LinkedIn profile.

First Day Formalities

There was no such formal induction. I reached the office by 10 but sir was still in the court at that time. While I waited, the clerk gave me a file to read which really helped me in passing my time. Once sir came back from the court, he straight away gave me something to research upon.

Sir has a shared office space which he shares with Mr. Kabir Dixit, Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India. He has his personal cabin where he sits and there is a common space which is shared by both Ramesh sir and Kabir sir (there associates and interns actually!). The office is fairly huge with a number of books and people that are ready to help at any time.

Main Tasks

For the first week, my main work was researching case laws. Sir used to explain the facts of the case himself and what he requires me to find out. He used to be so specific about the work to be done that it used to become really simple.

After the first week, sir started giving me drafting work. Since I had no prior drafting experience, I got a little conscious. But soon after I submitted my first draft, sir called me to his office and pointed out the specific areas that required improvements. He patiently answered my questions and repeated himself so that I will keep the things in mind.

After my second draft, I was asked to finalise the work. After that, I used to research as well as draft documents. Sir always used to review my drafting and make changes where required, himself.

I had also sat with sir in the client meetings. I was even asked for my opinion on the issue that was being discussed.

Work Environment

The work environment was great. There was everything that a new law student can ask for. Sir is extremely helpful. He treats his interns very well. Every opinion you give is duly noted. He has a very calm personality. Maybe it’s because he practices yoga. I used to ask him not just about work but also about how I should approach the law career and he was always open to my questions whenever I had any.

Bad things

I don’t have any bad things to mention.

Good Things

The best part of the internship was when the SLP I had drafted was filed in the Supreme Court of India. Sir obviously made some changes in it but I had worked on it from the beginning. That was the brightest moment of this internship. Apart from that, there was always some light moments with sir as well as other co-interns that I really enjoyed.

This is a place where you get to learn a lot. If you work hard, your work is duly appreciated. Sir never hesitated in appreciating the good work that people do for him. That is one of his best qualities as it motivates you to work even harder to keep up with the expectations that he has of you.

Another good thing was my first ever visit to the Supreme Court of India. I have visited the High Court and District courts before but it was a whole different sensation entering the highest court of India. It was also the day when the court was hearing the case of Government of NCT of Delhi vs Union of India and Anr case so there was a lot of media there as well.


The office is situated in Jangpura Extension which is home to a large number of law firms. The office is located in the posh area and is easily accessible. I use to travel by Delhi Metro. The office is almost a kilometer away from the Jangpura Metro station. There are plenty of transport options available. Alternatively, you can walk to the office as well.



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