Name of the organisation. City. Office Address. How was the office? Team strength

Advocate Rajan Narain, Jeevan Vihar Building
1st Floor (Rear Entrance)
3, Parliament Street. .

The office is near Patel Chowk metro station and team strength was 20 associates

Duration of internship

July 1 to August 1

Application procedure? Internship Contact Details

One can mail CV at 

The best part is firm takes large number of interns every month on basis of CV.

Duration in weeks. Days of work per week. Timings.

2 weeks internship is necessary and rest depends on interns wish.  5 days a week.  Timings are 10 am till 6 pm.

First impression, first day, formalities

My first impression about the office was pretty good.

Interns were asked to give their photograph for court passes and we were provided with a notepad and pen.

I spoke to associates of the firm and they all were very friendly even the people on high posts were very cool and nice.

No formalities were required.

Main tasks

i. To attend court proceedings.

ii. To read briefs and files

iii. To do legal research through books and through law software.

iv. To attend conferences with clients and conferences with Senior Advocates.

v. To ask questions about law and career and to have discussions with lawyers.

vi. To attend seminars relating to law

Work environment, people

Its good and friendly.

Associates are ready to help and Rajan sir communicates with interns on a daily basis with regards to their questions.

The best things AND the bad things

The best part is that Rajan sir solves all your legal queries, ensures that you are working properly and the office has a good library which can be accessed by interns.

The bad part is that their is no stipend and snacks and also interns cannot do drafting or present their oral arguments on case to lawyers.



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  1. If you go there for an internship, then work with Ravinder Narain. He is an outstanding lawyer, with great work and lots to tell.

  2. This blog is baseless and false. I have experienced the worst at this internship. Rajan wants to rule like []. there is nothing to learn, but only research work fr firm’s interest.

  3. In order to see what anarchist and bipolar personalities can do with you, this internship is a must.
    The author is hiding a lot of things which are quite apparent in this internship experience.


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