Internship @ Advocate Madhav Khurana, Criminal Law Lawyer, Delhi : Great Experience for Would-be Criminal Lawyers

Name of the organization. City

Lawyer – Advocate Madhav Khurana, Criminal Litigation, Trial Courts and High Court, New Delhi

Duration of the internship

4 weeks

How to apply?

How big was the office? Team strength?

Great working place.

Basically a basement area converted into office hence not a stereotypical corporate setup which was shared with another advocate dealing with the IPR field.

There were two associates and a clerk along with the IPR associates and their interns making it a very friendly work environment since everyone was in their 20’s or 30’s.

Application procedure. Internship contact details

Since I was already doing an internship under a trial court lawyer having the worst trial court experience of my life, which means – NO WORK ; in that chamber or to be frank in their hand.

All I was doing was sitting in courtrooms and watching other great advocates go on with their trial proceedings. Well, I wouldn’t call it that bad because I was learning the trial court procedure on my own!

But, desperate times calls for desperate needs and I started looking for a better internship (called up a few friends) and by the end of my first week I had found the best trial court lawyer in Delhi (to my knowledge and like I saw) and the best internship experience which I would look back to for the rest of my life (too dramatic, I know). But sincerely, I mean it.

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

4 weeks. In timings – 10 am. Out timings- depends on whether you have done your work or not!

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

Well, I live in NCR so accommodation was never an issue. Took the auto, bus and metro to reach workplace every day. But, once reached court after that the interns had the privilege to travel with Boss in his car from one court to another or back to office. So travelling was never an issue. All one has to do is be punctual!

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

Well, my first day was my unofficial working day! I had met my Boss early that morning outside a courtroom in Patiala House where I was already interning and was asked to join from the next day.

Mr. Madhav Khurana made it very clear to me that my internship would not be a relaxed (10 am- 4 pm) and being work-shy would be a great mess up for the intern! (trust me that part was scary).

So, I was about to leave my chamber (old internship) at 4 pm as usual when my Boss (new internship) messages me asking me to drop by office and research judgments on a topic.

I ended up staying at the office till 9 my first day (first unofficial working day). And it was then that I knew that this is not going to be my stereotypical lazy, no-work internship.

Main tasks 

Boss dealt with cases on Criminal Law which involved everything that is Evidence, Cr.P.C., IPC.

So it’s a great place to start-off for people who are interested in Criminal Law and want to go into Litigation.

Work environment, people

Boss was extremely patient and acted in the capacity of a full-time teacher.

I would end up asking a million mistakes (which gets really irritating for anyone), but he would answer every question of mine taking full interest and ensured I never left without understanding the work I had to do.

Mr. Madhav Khurana would point out my mistakes with the right amount of sarcasm and humor and made me correct it till it became the most perfect document I had ever seen.

The other two associates and the clerk were also extremely friendly, cooperative and helped in the best possible manner.

After a long tired day of running around all the trial courts, we would all order the evening snack, generally a “Sub” and take that time off for chit-chats and gossips.

Best things?

The best thing about this internship was that at no point of time was I made it to feel I was a second year intern who had absolutely not much knowledge of the law or the court procedure or anything for that matter.

I remember there was this time in my last week when I confused some files and boss later said that “as a junior you should…” (called a “junior” NOT an “intern” – it’s a big deal) and so happy I was that day that I completely forgot the reason for me getting that lecture.

I was at all point of time encouraged to take up the hard-tasks and all my queries or suggestions were heard and respected.

Bad things?

Well, the travelling part, from home to work and back became a dawdle in my work. Since I had to travel for two hours- take a bus, metro, auto to finally reach my destination by the end of which I was really exhausted at times and I couldn’t put in my best.

What I learned was for next time, to always take a PG or an accommodation near my work-place so that meager things like travelling doesn’t hamper the potential to work.

Stipend/ month

No Stipend.

Anything else you’d like to tell

This internship is only for those who want a hard-earned internship certificate, one which they would like to see again and again to remind themselves of all the times they worked their asses off.

And you will understand the feeling if you are a first generation law student in the family and know how difficult it is to earn a good internship name on your C.V. (After the continuous rejection of your application from big law firms, lawyers, etc.)

I see a lot of people sad, angry and cribbing for not getting stipends at the end of their internships.

But, let’s not forget that even learning is not free (see your respective college fees for that matter, well at least I see mine) and I say if my Boss teaches me so much about the practical world which I am pretty sure my college would never be able to teach me in the next three years to come. I don’t need a goddamn stipend.

At the end of the day, all I want is for me to be recognized and if I apply again to this place be called back immediately

Biggest lessons

Get an accommodation near your work-place if you don’t have your home nearby!


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