By Nishant Prasad

This particular internship was done by Mr.Abdaal Akhtar, a student at NALSAR University of Law in his second year. The internship was with Mr.Farook.M.Razack who is the Additional Solicitor General in Kolkata.

Method of Application: Mr.Razack is not very keen on interns. He runs a small office and lays emphasis on taking on more cases in less time and hence low number of interns reduce distractions in his office. He is also very choosy about interns. There is no such method of application. You have to approach him directly and convince him to let you take up an internship with him. He is very hospitable and if convinced he will not refuse.

Work Experience: In the experience of Mr.Akhtar, the work hours were very liberal. The day time generally went in court whilst 2-3 hours in the evening were required in his chambers. On weekends, Saturdays were off and Sundays required 2 hours of work in the morning.

The work generally involved chamber-reading. You had to go through the various cases that he had undertaken and occasionally prepare a brief for those cases. Sometimes he would ask you to prepare arguments for the case and then give his opinion on your arguments. After the hearings he would also explain to you why he chose the arguments which he gave i.e the reasoning behind it.

In court another important work for the intern was to jot down the crux of his arguments and also the comments of the judge.

As the Additional solicitor general there were various government officials who used to come and brief him. He will allow you to attend these briefings and take down short notes which would be later used to remind him of the briefs.

An internship with Mr.Razack provides “Practical First-hand experience”.

Mr.Razack is an extremely knowledgeable and well-read man. Conversations with him could range from law to music to current affairs. You could work at your own convenience but the work is so interesting that you never feel like missing a day.

Excerpts from a conversation with Mr.Abdaal Akhtar

Sachet Singh, our college manager at NALSAR Hyderbad sent this in. Thank you Sachet!

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  1. Sir,
    I want to apply for winter internship under you . I am a student of University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun .
    I am law 2nd year student ,B.A.LLB . I have a keen interest in doing an internship under your guidance.


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