Internship Experience @ Solutions Law Firm, Tis Hazari District Court, New Delhi: Learn a Lot About Drafting

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Solutions Law Firm, Office at Tis Hazari District Court, New Delhi.

Application Process

Got internship through personal reference, but one can apply for internship by sending their CV to

Duration of internship and timings

5th July,2015-1st August 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Reached the firm around 10:00 AM. Met the head of the law firm first up and he introduced me to the associates working with the law firm. Following some more first day formalities i was given some case files to read and was asked to explain what the cases were about, as briefly as possible.

The infrastructure of the firm was very good. The office had two floors and had 4 chambers, with each containing a library.

Main tasks

The main tasks included researching case laws and making briefs on it. Was also given light drafting work(Drafting procession fees,drafting of legal notice under section 138 of the negotiable instruments act,1881.) Another important task was taking dates for the next hearing.

Work environment and people

All the associates and senior associates were very helpful and friendly. One could approach them for clearing any doubt one might encounter during the duration of the internship.

The work environment, from the first day itself, was very hectic. One can’t really complain of being given no work to do!

Best things

The best thing about the internship was that I was able to learn a lot about drafting documents. From the outside everyone seems to be mystified by the argumentation aspect of lawyering, which is glorified by popular media. But the clerical work which accompanies it is equally critical.

Bad things

One particular thing which was disappointing was the strike at the Tis hazari court during the internship. The strike caused a lot of delay in the working of the court, and contributed to further backlogging of cases for an already overburdened judiciary.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

The biggest lesson I learned is that in this profession we have chosen, one has to work very, very hard to earn their stripes. This is a profession with high casualty rate, and it requires a high degree of dedication and utmost honesty to survive and succeed.

Any Other Thing

Negotiating your fees is a skill. A tricky skill indeed. It’s unethical to fleece your client of his hard-earned money, but at the same time undervaluing yourself is not desirable. Had a chance to visit the Delhi Rent Tribunal, which was a very unique experience.

In one of the hearings I attended, there was a lawyer who was pleading for mercy to be shown to his client, on the grounds of paralysis from the waist down. Shockingly enough, his client was pretty comfortably standing right here, without any problem whatsoever. For me, it was a mockery of the court which I didn’t like one bit.


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