Indian National Bar Association (INBA) invites Law Students of  Maharashtra State for the INBA-Novartis Debate 2015 on ‘Patents harm a patient’s health.


September 8th , 2015


University Convocation Hall, Fort, Mumbai University, Mumbai

Cash Prizes:

1. Best Speaker for the motion- Cash Prize of Rs. 50,000

2.  Best Speaker Against the motion-  Cash Prize of Rs. 50,000

Debate Format:

Two-Step Process:

Step 1: Submission of Abstract: Students are invited to submit a 500 word Abstract on the Motion. They can decide to take a position either For the Motion or Against the Motion.

Step 2: Live Debate -8 Speakers would be selected based on the above Abstracts (4 Speakers For the Motion and 4 Speakers Against the Motion) to appear for a Live Debate at the University Convocation Hall, Fort, Mumbai on September 8,  2015.

Find all the details regarding the guidelines for the INBA-Novartis Debate HERE.

Archana Agarwal, Assistant Manager (INBA)
Cell :  +91 9971532995+918285710651
Email: [email protected]

Manuj Bhardwaj, Chair, Section for Law Students (INBA)
Cell : +91-75035-90342
Email : [email protected].in

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  1. This is kind of disgusting. Why is it restricted to just Students from Maharashtra? Are students from other institutions too stupid to even be allowed to compete? Apart from maybe 4 or 5 colleges, there is absolutely no competition there.

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