In Hyderabad? Go to the NALSAR Film Festival [March 22-23]

The NALSAR Film Festival is being organised for the second time in recognition of the need to create meaningful dialogue between socially committed artists, intellectuals and the student community in order to fully comprehend India’s complex socio-political reality.

The organizers aim at embracing the arts in an effort to broaden the ambit of traditional legal notions of justice.

The film festival shall bring together independent directors from across India to screen their work at NALSAR and follow it up with open discussions on the issues raised in each documentary.

The dates for the event are March 22 and 23, 2014. The film festival will see an eclectic mix of students from various fields interacting with directors in order to query social justice concerns and understand the myriad perspectives that exist for any issue.

The first edition, held in August 2012, saw acclaimed directors such as Chalam Bennurkar, Amudhan R P, Deepa Dhanraj and Sanjay Kak sharing the stage with first time directors such as Nakul Sawhney, Oishik Sircar and Debolina Dutta. Award winning documentaries by the mentioned artists on subjects as varied as environmentalism, casteism, sex-work and transgender activism were screened.

The NALSAR Film Festival is open to all.

Buses will ply from Jubilee Bus Stand, at 9.30am and 1.30pm on Day 1 and at 10.30am and 1.30pm on Day 2.

For further details, follow @NALSARFilmFest on Twitter and the NALSAR Film Festival page on Facebook or our website

Contact Aymen Mohammed (09160903538) and Niyati Sharma (09652079193). Or +91 80089 06333 (Anindita); +91 97050 55607 (Sanya).

nalsar film festival

Movies scheduled:
Day 1 Schedule:
1030 to 1200 hours – Inaugural Ceremony
1200 to 1230 hours – Morality TV and the Loving Jehad
1230 to 1315 hours – Discussion with Paromita Vohra (Director, Morality TV aur Loving Jehad)
1315 to 1415 hours – Lunch
1415 to 1600 hours – ‘Shunte Ki Pao!’/’Are You Listening!’
1600 to 1645 hours – Discussion with Saikat S Ray (Editor, ‘Are You Listening!’)
1645 to 1700 hours – Tea
1700 to 1845 hours – The World Before Her
1845 to 1930 hours – Discussion on The World Before Her
Day 2 Schedule:
1130 to 1245 hours – In Between Days
1245 to 1330 hours – Discussion with Sankhajit Biswas (Director, In Between Days)
1330 to 1430 hours – Lunch
1500 to 1630 hours – Kya Hua Is Shahar Ko
1630 to 1730 hours – Panel Discussion on Communalism


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