IMS Law College National Moot Court Competition


14th – 15th October, 2016


IMS Law College, Noida

Moot Proposition

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1st July, 2016: Release of Moot Problems and Rules of the Moot Court Competition

30th August, 2016: Last date of Registration

20th September, 2016: Last dates for reaching Demand Draft and Authorization letter to the College

24th September, 2016: Last Date for submission of Memorial (Soft Copy); Mail to:

30th September, 2016: Last Date for submission of Memorials (hard copy)

Submission of Memorials [Soft Copy]

Mail to:


Register by 30th August, 2016.

For further details, click HERE.
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  1. what if a team comes under a wrong jurisdiction wins the round.
    The same happened in this moot. A team which surrendered its case
    saying that they have come under wrong jurisdiction won that round.
    I don’t know what kind of judges did they had.
    Few of them were speaking HINDI as well, and this college claims this moot to be a NATIONAL MOOT.
    And talking about draw of lots:
    1) The management was deciding sides for the teams.
    2)Teams were not allowed to take out lots for their respective rounds on their own.
    It was entirely on the discretion of the college to give a team any round; a complete biased moot.

    Worst management, so much discrepancies arose, and the most interesting part: they had the Third Round at 9’O clock in the night. Which college conducts a moot court round at 9 p.m.?

    All hard work went in vain. Nobody should participate in this moot.

  2. Worst national moot court competition ever seen. Judges don’t know the jurisdiction of case how can such a worst thing may happens. The speakers who don’t know how to speak up for the arguments were selected for the second round… Such bad experience….students may loose hopes of winning a clean competition

  3. Worst national moot court competition….Don’t know how to manage and organise a moot court. False and partiality in marking as well fixing in the competition may not provide a better knowledge or experience for the moot court competitors…

  4. Hey can you please share your memo which you have submitted for ims moot. One of my friend has taken admission in llb du and she is having some problem in preparing her memo. Its also related to some suicide case. It will be realy helpful if anyone can share some insight.

  5. Worst national moot court competition by ims noida.
    Rude teachers. Messed up management. Fault in marking and result procedure.
    People have prepared so much for this moot but all in vain.
    Thank you ims noida for such a horrible experience.

  6. Worst experience ever. Terrible management. Never ever coming back and would not recommend to anyone. It was a waste of time and effort. You are a

  7. Worst national moot ever organised.
    Faulty marking system as well as management.
    Nobody should ever participate in ims noida moot court.


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