Rewind to the day you got your 12th Boards Result in hand. Could you recall? How in one sec your brain could think of umpteen ideas and options for the future.

While the right part suggested Fashion Designing, the left suggested Engineering. Parents too added to the pressure and then, from somewhere it struck that maybe you can do Law. It ain’t that bad of an option.

Amid all the National Law Universities and colleges, you are apprised of ILS Law College in Pune. Your eyes begin to startle as apparently it is one of the premier institutions of law and then you fill the online form and wait.

I remember when the postman handed me over the brochure I was amazed and prayed to the universe to somehow take me to this beautiful campus with such amazing facilities, promising faculty and what not.

Then comes the fateful day when you are called for the admissions. You enter the campus and are the happiest to know that you will be part of this big campus and assure yourself that you will spend wonderful 5 years here. I did.

CUT-2 : 1st day of college! An excited happy you steps into the classroom and the moment you enter you realize that it isn’t clean. You sit on the bench and get up with a patch of dust on your black pair of jeans.

But it’s fine! Probably the cleaning staff was on a holiday, it’s fine!

You go to the office and you comprehend that the staff is on a never- ending lunch break that finishes only when all their gossip is done away with and when it  dooms upon them that probably they’re paid to work.

They’re also sadistic. Re-admission process is a marvelous stunt of sadism. This is a process which makes you feel like a helpless person who should feel obligated towards the college for having given you admission.

The process also includes informing the students just 2 -3 days prior to the last date of the same. This brings a stream of panic and chaos in the already-ILS-stung-not-so-peaceful lives of the students residing out of Pune or even Out of India, for that matter.

After bidding adieu to this overtly inefficient staff, you see yourself walking on the broken, dilapidated, tattered road that probably would have been last taken care of by the law society back in 1924 (That’s when the college was established.)

You’re not alone! There will be stray dogs all around the campus to welcome you and also to say bye-bye. They aren’t really scary but you might just have to run to save your life if you step on the tail of any one of these innocent creatures sleeping on probably every 20 steps of the main building.

There is the principal’s cabin in the same building as that of the office. A cabin which longs for the Honorable principal’s presence, often.

Remember i mentioned the starry brochure? One more astonishing facility in the college is the Hostel. The Old ladies’ Hostel which proudly accommodates more than a 65 girls.

Since the college has 64% of students as girls, The gracious administration decided to convert one of the 3 wings of the Boys’ hostel into a girls’ hostel. While it is being boasted about, The fact that no notice was given for the same is hidden.

CUT 3: You’re watching 3 Idiots and see Amir Khan bathing in the lawn with a pipe and you laugh.

Not because that’s funny but because while in the girls’ hostel there is no hot water to take bath from ( The hostel is so tech savvy that it has a solar power heater to heat water. It is expected to work very well in a state which isn’t really sunny at least for 8-9 months of the year).

The boys are striving for water. We really don’t blame them for being unable to take bath every day.

ILS is also a college which lacks funds for almost anything and everything that is required to be done despite of the college ground being given on rent to outsiders which acts as a hindrance to the students of the college in their practices or daily matches.

A sudden fee hike also couldn’t get the basketball court of the college mended, neither did it ameliorate the bad conditions.

When we come to stay at a new place, the biggest enemy is food. ILS gives you an opportunity to taste a wide variety of food that can get your immune system to rupture and force you to starve yourself too. Prepares you for the worst.

The college administration is so low in power that they can’t dare to confront the rowdy caterers even when the students have complained of have had gulped a cockroach with the watery dal.

ils pune mess food

They are in love with the caterers to the extent that they didn’t pay heed to even a word against the mighty mess guy who ran away with all the money leaving the mess in a total mess, literally!

The authorities takes amazing care of the canteen fellows too. They have full power to sell everything more than the MRP, to give you 5 toffees instead of 5 bucks, etc. I sense money is a big issue in this luscious green campus.

The student council is just for the namesake as apart from the members, no one is really aware of such a body’s existence. Apart from the ones contesting elections, no one is aware that there are elections for the university representative’s post.

The level of unawareness and insipidness is such that the college fest witnesses lesser attendance than probably any of the other events of the college.

The recent cancellation of the screening of Mr. Anand Patwardhan’s award-winning documentary Ram Ke Naam a day before it was scheduled citing threat calls as a reason behind the same exhibits how feeble the college is.

A reason that was neither reported to the police nor informed to the students, being the ones at stake.

Thanks to the media, we know of an incident of our own college.

This got me to write this article as I am tired of registering that I study in a law college that is as powerful as India was under the British rule. That has no voice, and no courage.

As a law student, we debate and discuss a lot of issues going in and around the world. We’re expected to hold an opinion about issues, to put forth our views on the same.

But, Ours is a paralytic student body that cusses the college at every step for having failed to understand their capability, their potential and their requirements. How can possibly such an under rated student body keep an opinion on what goes around the world?  Who will listen to us worldwide when the college itself doesn’t?

The epitome of being paralytic is Me.

I have to hide my identity in order to wake them up and make them understand that THEY ARE INEFFICIENT AND LOUSY.

Moreover, they are avaricious enough to dump the students under the havoc of having less funds and shy away from all that they should be doing as the college’s administration.

Also, It’s high time that the college administration ends the perennial hiatus they’re on and do justice to the jobs that feed them.

The principal should realize that in order for ILS LAW COLLEGE to become a UNIVERSITY, the first person who needs to smell the coffee is she herself.

She needs to be approachable to the students. She should stop exploiting the nepotistic right that she possesses and The faculty should let go of their ego wars as when in a few years, going by the way the college is degrading it’ll be nothing but a dud. Wake up! Save yourself from drowning.

It is significant that the students too, to come up and raise a voice. Stand up and put forth what is right, what is needed. The students have potential, WE have the caliber, the mettle.

So, make it felt.  “Jo ooncha sunte hai na, unhe dhamaake ki zaroorat hoti hai!” Ever heard of it? Let’s do it.

It’s time for the college to absorb that it is the students who make or break the foundation of a college and that they need to be heard. They should be.

Let’s strengthen ourselves in order to prevent any more of these anonymous articles.

Let’s make ourselves confident enough to think that what we say will not fall into deaf ears, that our medical certificates will not be treated as another weapon of triggering humiliation and leading us to repeat an year and will rather be dealt with, sincerely and logically.

I will conclude by rather urging all the students to act against the lousiness and vapidness of the college administration and staff and thereby actually contributing in bringing the real ILS law college out, that’s hidden somewhere under the garb of avarice, inefficiency and banality.

Above all, rejuvenate the lost spirit and enliven the campus with all that it should have.

If you aren’t convinced with this, just ask yourself that when you see the college’s name in the List of Top 10 colleges, do you really feel happy?

Or do you console yourself by saying that at least somewhere we stand tall. Do we really have only the paid rankings to be proud of?  Think! Act.

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This is a reader blog and published on an ‘as is’ basis.

I am the Admin of Lawctopus. I am for law students, of law students and by law students. I am Torts and Contracts and moots and internships. I am your boyfriend! And your girlfriend too! Mentor. Friend. Junior. Senior. I am the footnote in your research paper. Foreword in your life. The jugaad for your internship. The side gig which earns you bucks. I am Maggi. Pocket money too.


  1. Hay gays I am aspiring student to study in Ils , what should I do ? After seeing this I thought it will quite challenging! But is this challenge worthy to me!

  2. can i know about packages and placements of ils? i have been told that placements are degrading year after year. Also admission procedure has been changed . Will that help admission seakers.

  3. ILS provides a lot of exposure which is required if you want to survive in a world like this. There are people from all over India coming to study here. You’ll meet all kinds of people here and mind you, everyone is quite smart in their own way. There’s nobody to help you here unless you take the pains and ask yourself and that in itself is enough to enhance the personality of a person. People here are very nice and approachable and will go out of their way to help you. The only thing you need to do is ASK! You make your name by winning number of moots and other things happening in college. There is absolutely no restriction you can do whatever you want, you make your life or ruin it. That’s what I like about ILS. You come to know about stuff by talking to people and networking and no teachers don’t tell you anything. You have to make your own way. So yeah you do have to struggle here but hey, that’s what life is, right? You’re always in competition here, everyone here has equal opportunity and it depends on you, how you handle it. Unlike other national law schools you won’t get guidance about stuff here so easily, as I said you need sharp networking skills for that and even if you don’t have that you can always start from the bottom. Once you’re in ILS you won’t feel like leaving this place! Its a gurantee that you will leave a changed person once you graduate! You become smarter and know how to deal with people as all sorts of people come here and hence you are so ready to face the real world!

  4. guys ILS is a college which gives you a different perspective. As future lawyers the exposure here is real life and hence being able to go through the five years and coming out of college will be a smooth transition into the real world. Despite so many negativities as highlighted please note that this college has people from different segments and ultimately its students also go into varied fields unlike most NLUS law firm oriented..

  5. Please tell me someone without bias towards ILS or NLUs that the college stands worthy in the top 10 rankings and is the course syllabus and teaching up to the standards of NLUs. Please tell should I apply or not? TRUTH

  6. Hi Everybody- I want to admit my 17yr old daughter to ILS. I have not yet applied after reading all these comments. Can somebody help ? ILS does well in moot court. some of the individual students say we can perform inspite of poor facilities. But for a young girl st out of school-it might be a shock-not culture , from a home grown maggi fed baby to live life a bit harshly worries me. Symbiosis vs ILS -can someone highlight other than comfort factor. if staying outside & attending ILS -will it help ?

    • Despite all this, ILS is easily among the top 10-11 law schools in the country. There’s not much difference between Symbiosis and ILS. Also, all kids have to grow from babies to adults. Please don’t worry too much!

    • Dear Sir you can very well apply at ILS for your daughter. I will give you three reasons why you should go for ILS
      1. Comparison with N Schools- I know we don’t have facilities as compared to N-Schools but please look at the fee structure in ILS 36000/- PA which is i guess very less as compared to other College (GLC not Included). ILS has a lush green campus which is located in the heart of Pune and which looks amazingly beautiful in monsoons.
      2.One of the best librarys-Library timings was bit of a problem but after the revamp timings have been changed. Trust me your daughter will find library as the most important part in her 5 years law course.
      3.College vs. School – Classes at ILS are preety chill. student have mere 3 hours lectures and after that they have whole day to invest somewhere like internships, Research Projects, Diplomas and Various student run societies at other law SCHOOLS students have normal school like structure and timings.
      Being a senior student in ILS i have enjoyed my time at ILS . In the end its upto the student how he/she wants to develope in COLLEGE.

        • Cheap Vacation is not the correct term. Ils gives you a lot of time for yourself which you can use in the way you want .you can roam around Pune or you can participate in college activities or you can check out the library it is up to you what you want to do with your free time at ils. As I said before it is upto the student how he/she utilise his/her time.

  7. there is another astonishing fact………..the ladies hostel fees
    2012-13Rs.85000, 2013-14Rs.93500, 2014-15Rs125000, 2015-16Rs.138000
    wt a justice? where is human rights?

  8. Something true,what is basis of increasing hostel fees yr by yr,2012/13-85,000.00
    2013/14 – 93500.00. 2014/15 – 1,25,000.00 2015/16 – 1,38,000.00 Can you justify it ?

  9. dear anonymous..I completely disagree with your observations about my college..yes there are some things which can be improved but I feel u have a pessimistic attitude towards looking at the current college administration, more so I wonder if u urself have ever tried to approach the college administration or students body with any suggestions to improve it.
    I feel that publicly making some statements in anonymous manner will not help u, but an optimistic approach to tackle and help clear issue will be in ur larger interest. more so it is not right to make defaming statements about own alma mater . I strongly condemn ur statements and urge u to be a part of process which may help much needed cleaning process if at all any…pls refrain from using this platform for criticizing m college…

      • Is it not the responsibility of the administrator to verify the veracity of the contents of the blog?

        I had mentioned in my reply about the “cut and paste” of the picture of the sandwich infested with cockroaches. There are thousands of such pictures available in the net.

        It appears that the blog has been written by a disappointed and frustrated student – frustrated and disappointed about everything around him/her

  10. Whereas none of the comments above completely deny the the facts stated in the article, it’s extremely disheartening how people would give solutions like order food from outside (really? Not everyone’s Dad is an ATM), or dealing with staff will equip one to deal with HC staff, or lack of infrastructure is alright because you pay less fees etc

    also is disheartening that it is the alumnus who is speaking as if their pride has been hurt by this post. No point in giving outsiders an impression that you passed out from the best college. admit that the college name exists on the past glory and is a third rate college compared to other colleges in the country, Do something about it rather than asking students to appreciate what they’ve got. If you are a practising lawyer have the balls to help students file RTI and subsequently file a case against the college authorities. Would you dear alumni do that?

    I disagree with lack of funds argument. Central universities are well funded by the UGC and the government and hence the fee is relatively lower. But they DO have a LOT of funds. They get funds sanctioned for improvement of sports facilities, hostels, libraries and so on. File an RTI and see the skeletons falling out of the closet.

    And please refrain from stating that re-admission can be done through friends and it’s bad luck that the author doesn’t have friends. Stop this ‘jugaad’ mentality. It is because of people like you this country is going for DOGS.

    This is a wake up call for ILS Pune, GLC Mumbai and Delhi University who are in slumber and are riding on the past glory.

  11. Hey,

    I agree with somethings that have been written in the article. I am a senior student in the college and I have stayed in the hostel for three years. I had the dreams of making it to an NLU and then made it ILS thinking it is better than most NLUs.

    I was also shattered in my initial days.I criticized the college more or less like this article written. The hostel was nothing that I had imagined. I tried my best to and gave CLAT and secured admission to NLUJ but I decided to continue with ILS for I I stopped complaining and started working towards the change that I wanted in my life.

    It is true that the infrastructure is poor but it is rich enough to make to a good professional. The library is amazing, there is internet and sports facilities like TT, swimming, gym are amazing. I bet no law school hostel has a hill right behind it. The campus is very green and a healthy place to live.

    and about the dogs……..I hope you live in India. Have you ever visited any other government colleges or universities?? TISS, IIT’ IISc and IIMs also have the same problem.

    and the faculty having attitude!!!……I don’t quite agree with that. They are very approachable. It is always on a student to approach them. It is true that some teachers are not good just as there are bad students. It is student for the student to change such bad teacher just like it is a teachers responsibility for making the bad students good.

    The principle is approachable. You may have tried to meet her once or twice. I personally have had conversations of the working of the gym and swimming pool and even there is a programme to grade teachers since last year. As far as academics is concerned college is always ready to make changes for the better.

    The college is what its a students are. ILS provides enough facilities that develops your personality in a very healthy manner. If you are man enough change the system or stop complaining. Writing such posts does not serve any purpose and per the article itself , I think the college will ever read the article and change its ways unless students want it.

  12. If you were going to write a scathing piece on ILS as a college, you might be better off focusing on ‘substantive issues’. Most of these criticisms are infrastructure related, and I don’t see how it serves a purpose. You can be a top school without good infrastructure.

    I attended NUJS and we faced many similar infrastructural problems. We didn’t have internet connectivity – so a student-run cyber committee was formed, which connected every hostel room to the internet. We had a horrible mess. So a student-led food committee was formed, which in a very democratic fashion, revamped the mess. We had stray dogs and kittens abound. We adopted one. He’s called Simba. We had horrible teachers at some point. We petitioned for their removal. The rooms in the hostels will still reek of sweat in the months of June and July because Calcutta is hot and humid. The administration has been accused of corruption and harassment in national press.

    I believe that a school is as good as its students are. If you were to criticize a university, criticize its students, its culture. Otherwise, you are misleading a lot of law aspirants who read this website, which was incidentally, started by Tanuj, a fellow NUJS graduate.

  13. I think the best thing an ILS student can learn from their college and this article is tolerance or activism.
    Either be tolerant enough and gulp down every cockroach with a pinch of salt or be active enough to file RTIs and writ the f*** out of them.
    This is somewhere in the middle, and this is going to do no good. Trust me, this is in fact deleterious for everyone.

  14. i agree with a lot of what is written, but it is still one of the better colleges. I do understand that there is a lot that can be done. You pay 1/10 of what you would have payed in any national law school. Use those funds. I remember staying five awesome years in the boys hostel, and I remember paying for the water filter and contributing for the water cooler.If you have so much of a problem, order from out. Suruchi/Kollage delivers food straight to your hostel room and you don’t even need to walk till the mess. You can make the place better without complaining!

    As for the faculty, there are exceptional teachers. If you want, you can go and attend their classes. (I am sure you are properly going to college only to ensure that you have above a minimum attendance).
    If you have so much of a problem, order from out. Suruchi/Kollage delivers food straight to your hostel room and you don’t even need to walk till the mess.

    I remember visiting the collage in the recent past. I know that there is now wifi in the admin block and the hostels. We never had such a classy conference room nor did out reading room look as fancy as yours. We still lived there for 5 years, made amazing friends, learnt a lot and have now become good lawyers. Maybe you can leave the Pathan and read some of those books in the library, or use your computer to read online!

    • What you are saying is you did well in college not because things it did to you, but in spite of the things it did to you?

  15. Appreciate! Its a fact. The institution does have a good name for the only reason that its students are hardworking and they have got good laurels for the institutionin moots, sports, debates, culturals and plays! All this was done without any support of any faculty. ILS is all about its student – its a platform for students too work hard ad get best out of u without any support.

  16. Interesting to read a blog post which concentrates on ILS’ dusty class room (which seems to have really ruined a good pair of of jeans), (allegedly) unresponsive office staff, a few stray dogs (which will obviously bite you if you are eyes are looking everywhere else instead of the floor you are walking on), a bumpy road, dangerous mess food, over-priced canteen food, ill-equipped hostel and a completely useless student body.

    I agree with the author on certain issues, but I have my doubts on certain allegations and insinuations in this post and I will deal with them briefly:

    1. Re: Unresponsive office staff: I seriously doubt the never ending lunch breaks. I have personally found the office staff to be helpful, even when I visited the college as an alumni. And yeah, sometime they can be a real pain. But, it trains you to face / deal with the government departments / registry people at the High Court 😉

    2. Re: Re-admission*: The re-admission notice is generally sent out a week in advance and the students usually get a ten day window to get it done. And for people who don’t stay in or around Pune, they could get it done through their friends (well, you will need to come to the college if you’ve got no friends!).
    * not aware if the procedure has changed now.

    3. Re: Principal being absent / unapproachable: I seriously hope the author is aware that the principal has teaching commitments in the forenoon. When I was in college, the Principal was very approachable. I can recollect discussing about the Univ. evaluation mechanism, the moot policy, funding for activities (moots/culturals/sports), seminars and a lot more. Maybe, this has changed now.

    4. Re: Faculty ego battles – Wow! Really? Sounds like fun! Can you elaborate on this?

    5. Re: Mess facility – Very true! Have they stopped outsiders from using the “common” mess? Its high time they got a dedicated mess for the boy’s hostel (hope the girl’s hostel still has their own mess). I remember the mess contractor running away with everything incident (I still have those food coupons I purchased for a three month period!!!). But on the bright side, this lead me to discover awesome eateries in and around the college / Pune!

    6. Re: Canteen – Regarding the issue of selling products at prices higher than the MRP – (1) stop buying it; (2) there is nothing to stop you from writing to the principal / the Indian Law Society (ILS) seeing that one of them permit the running of the canteen facilities by a contractor. A formal complaint really helps; and (3) you could always send out a letter to the Consumer Fora or the relevant authority (being a law student, you should have done this long ago.).

    In fact, you could always write to the beverage manufacturer (Coke or Pepsi – Google for Regional HQ Contact Info) and I guarantee you that they will either terminate their relations with the Canteen Contractor or ensure something is done.

    7. Re: Student Council – The student council is and has always been a useless body. The only ones who have been concerned about it are the ones intending to get elected to the various posts. Though, in fairness to the college, there is always a notification about the elections et al in the academic (Laxmi) and administrative (Saraswati) blocks. Or, stand first in your year and you’ll get a number of phone calls for your vote 😉

    8. Re: Lack of funds: Frustratingly true. Though, someone should look into the accounts et al for better clarity 😉 But, the tuition fee that they charge the students is insanely low when compared to other reputed Law Schools.

    9. Re: College ground: The age old issue: Morning & Evening – The Ground is given away for Cricket/Football/RUGBY coaching by outside academies. Not to forget the Tennis Courts too! I hope something is done about this really soon.

    10. Re: Dilapidated road: Guess this road is the one leading from the canteen entrance to the swimming pool / common mess. Little do you know that umpteen lives (students of the boy’s hostel parcticularly) have been saved on account of this. People love to speed up on this road to reach the early morning lectures in time / have hot mess food for lunch. And please don’t start talking about building speed breakers!!

    11. Re: Hostel: Sadly, true to the hilt. Is it true that the boy’s hostel terrace has been locked away? If so, I pity those who have missed the breathtaking view of the hill, the epic pre-exam panic walks and the new year party 😉

  17. You may be correct but your approach is completely wrong. It need not be exposed in the form of an article viewed publicly. Its a matter within your campus and should be dealt among the college students and members. You are a student of law please do not act as a media person. Deal with it and find a solution! And please be mature enough to understand and take a comparison among all other law colleges and it is assured that ILS gives you enough facilities that other law colleges dont!

  18. I am a student of ILS and I can assure you that each and every word written in this article is true. My friends from the boys hostel say that there is no water filter in the hostel and they are left to drinking water from the tap that supplies Municipal water. The toilets stink to the core and are not cleaned for weeks sometimes. The corridors and the open spaces get cleaned once in a blue moon which is considered to be a luxury. Recently, for days together, there was no water supply. The electrician who rarely comes to the hostel to repair some things informs that water tanks have not been cleaned in the last 15 years!!!!!
    The garbage that gets accumulated is burned once in a week or so that too in the open spaces (which is pathetically close to the rooms) of the hostel. The garbage includes all kinds of things such as plastic which, on getting burned, produces toxic gases. Poor hostelites are left to inhale all such gases.
    The rector of the hostel is also one hopeless person who pays no heed to any problem of any student. I am informed that when students go to him to get admitted to the hostel after getting admitted to the college, he conveniently asks them to come to him on the next day. These are students who come from different parts of the country and for some of them, staying in a hotel for that extra one day is out of budget. Nevertheless, the rector has to keep the students at his mercy.
    These are ‘some’ of the hardships faced by the students staying at the ILS GENTS HOSTEL.

  19. Read a similar post on CG a few months back on a similar state of sad affairs at ILNU,Ahmedabad. What has gone wrong with these colleges ? It cant only be inefficient administration. Somewhere down the line, the students have to be blamed for finding themselves in such situations and still bearing the atrocities.


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