I Wish the Courts Were Run Not by Judges, But Poets

By Aadya Dube, SLS, Noida

I wish the courts were run
Not by judges, but poets
It would somehow ease the burden
Only couplets will flow
They would understand the irony
Of why what one did, did.
The subtle humour life plays on us
Would be kept at brim
The reasons, no matter how uncanny
Would be considered and seen
There would be the power
To be plain and simple, mean
Evidence, logic, sections, only
Would not restrict a case
It would be certainly witty
If Shakespeare shall be traced
No matter how trivial it maybe
Vices would not prevail
Such is literature in itself
Those wildest thoughts shall be entertained.
There shall be no preparation
Of how to present a case
All the people would have to do
Is say what really is?

moon law
Doctrine of interpretation would, alas, be the same
The game would have different rules, if not a different name
It would be more liberal,
Perhaps more gentle
For these poets would keep intact
Their emotions when they ponder
It would be an over-view
And not just blatant facts
The law might just get the position,
Today that it lacks.
Being human shall be the crux
Of lower or higher courts
Just wonder how much classic poetry
The judiciary shall contain?
When we say life is nothing but poetry
Driven on a thinker’s thoughts?
Why I wonder in the courts
Till today it lack


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