How to Get an International Law Journal Publication?

This question was asked by Aishwarya Dhakarey from Aditya Kutty on his Career Advice page.


I believe the first step to ensuring that you get yourself published in an international journal would be to do a broad world-wide comparative research on the particular area of law.

You could chose to cover either-

a) a grey area in that field or

b) a recent judgment or

c) industry specific problem with a logical well-researched solution.

I would say this is a primary step because the chances of your writing getting published is remarkably higher if the piece is on something contemporary and relevant to the reader (who could quite possibly be an industry player).

Step two would be to analyse the impact of the decision on other jurisdiction.

For example, a new development under Data Privacy Laws in the US that could eventually materialize in India or if possible, the Asia-Pacific region.

A handy tip would be to keep abreast on the decisions passed in a given industry. (say, the telecom sector)

Third; needless to add, time would be essence for you. The faster you are able to churn out a writing piece on a global legal issue impacting your jurisdiction, I believe increases your chances of a publication.

Pretty much the same applies to a national publication, except that you could make it more India statute focused as opposed to a comparative study.

Of course, you could always take a global perspective in a domestic article as well but make sure your content is not a mere repetition of an article previously published in the same journal.

Some more general tips:

The rest goes without saying; you should ensure your writing piece has a consistent logical flow, that it meets the author guidelines, and importantly, it is proof read and crisply put forth to the reader.

Further, do note that some journals would want an author’s original solution to a particular problem but some may only prefer that you leave that bit for the policy makers to decide (keeping the debate open).

So, to ensure that you adhere to the particular journals writing style, go through each of the articles published by them.

Perusing the journal writings beforehand will also give you a brief idea on the standard of research and analysis that you need to undertake for an assured publication.

If you adhere to the above and follow up diligently with the editor of the journal, you should be able to manage a publication.


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