How to Build a Strong Base in Corporate Law While in Law School?

This question was asked by Shivani Sharma on Anant Kaushik’s career advisory page here.


I am 1st year student of 3 years (LLB) course of Maharaja sayajirao Gaekwad University (Vadodara).

I am very much interested in pursuing a career in corporate law. Advise me in utilizing these three precious years in building a strong base for a further career in corporate law. Which additional courses should I do along with my course so that I build a strong background.

I am happy to hear about your interest in corporate laws.


While I strongly believe that law school time is to go a tad bit easy, I also acknowledge that with enough and more law colleges around, the competition to get a preferred career choice is getting tough.

Since you are not in a tier -1 law school, you would be up for some additional challenge and will have to make yourself look different from the rest, as the opportunities that will by default come your way would be few and far in between.

On your specific question – I would say contract law is key and possibly the most important subject for a corporate lawyer. Good thing is that unlike company law, contract law is mostly substantial law and least procedural. It is quite interesting as well!

Your second go to subject should be companies law – including for list cos, followed by other subjects like transfer of property, banking, etc.

That said, no matter how much you study these from the textbooks, you would need to do some good internships to see how they play-out at the practical level and see the interplay between academics and practice from close quarters.

Also, in today’s day and age, it is imperative that you are generally aware of the world around you and are well informed – so read newspapers, articles on interesting topics and track developments on headline items (eg: Vodafone case, Chinese economy in recent times, reforms of Indian government, what exactly is GAAR, etc. etc.).

To be generally aware and smart – would be of great value add.

If I have scared you – I will clarify that you need to be generally aware of issues and news and not pin them down in the greatest possible detail.


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