3rd edition of our Annual National Level Sports and Cultural fest, Colossus 2015 to be organized at Hidaytaullah National Law University, Raipur from February 20-February 22, 2015 has been announced.

The preceding editions of the fest saw participation from various reputed State and National Level Universities fighting it out for the coveted prizes in various sporting and cultural events across three days.


The brochure is HERE.

The rulebook is HERE.

The participation form is HERE.

UPDATE [Feb 6, 3.20 PM]: We’ve removed the ‘note’ from the post on request. The same can be read in the comments section.

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  1. Dear Lawctopus,
    Do u really think v get participants from Delhi, Bangalore or Chennai. We are more of a local east zone fest so u cant stop being such a bitch. And with Pentagram at the same time v don’t even expect our neighboring law colleges to participates.

  2. Why didn’t you put the same comment on this — http://www.lawctopus.com/2nd-upes-trial-advocacy-moot-2015/
    You thought people from Bangalore or Chennai can make it to Deharadun but they cannot make it to Raipur. Oh wait, you might just say that its a moot not a fest.

    Then why didn’t you comment on this — http://www.lawctopus.com/rmlnlu-lucknows-cultural-fest-extasia-15-14th-15th-march-2015/
    Now please do not come up with an argument that its no big deal for people to make the journey for something being held in Lucknow in 21 days.

  3. Updated on Feb 6, 3.20 PM. This was earlier included in the post:

    A note to the HNLU sports committee specifically and others in general:

    If an event is being held from Feb 20-22 (like in this case) it makes little sense to intimate us on Feb 2!

    None of our readers from say Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata etc. would be able to make the journey for something being held in Raipur.

    If you have already got the required number of registrations from a Pre-Invite which was sent to a select number of law schools long back, why would you want to add to the information overload happening on the internet (including Lawctopus)?

    If you want to show the post on Lawctopus to your sponsors (as media mentions) let us know. We can do a dummy post which is not published on our home page but will still augur well for your purposes. We are making no allegations here.

    We might not publish such events in future.

  4. Take it easy, Lawctopus. Stop being a bitch about things & raise a hue-and-cry about every trivial matter that you spot. And, at that, stop targeting a specific institution – intimidating 18-20 days prior to the commencement of a sports about the commencement is not that late.
    You are a forum, through which people can get to know what’s happening in and around other law schools. So, instead of posting disparaging wanton, please do what you have been doing for quite a while – putting up unbiased articles up, which gives the audience an equitable idea on what’s going on & around.
    And, again, stop being a bitch. And, at that, a sad one.
    Looking forward to see the old, fair-minded & un-commercialized Lawctopus be back, sometime soon.

    Good luck, HNLU. May it be a grand success!

    • We are not targeting a specific institution.

      We just want our readers to be benefited by what’s put on Lawctopus. No one in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune can make it to a fest if intimated 20 days in advance. We care for our readers.

      And why do you want an un-commercialized Lawctopus? To be able to serve our readers and sustain the website (and ourselves) we need to earn money! Anyway, how’s that got to do anything with this post?

  5. True that the College has sent it to lawctopus a bit late, it would have been much better if you informed the college first, rather than posting it below the invitation. This is like calling everybody to attend the fest in the beginning and then showing them reasons not to. If you didn’t want to post their invitation, you should have mailed the reasons for the same.
    Anyways thank you for posting.


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