Welcome our Startup, HireMyHead! Help us Spread the Word with The Raavana Friends Referral Contest. More than Rs. 60,000 as Rewards; Fight by April 8


HireMyHead is a paid answers platform. 
See the launch page HERE.

Where you give up on Google search, our researchers help you get reliable answers to your specific/difficult questions.

You question is answered by an expert, at your price, without your spending time on it. And if you aren’t satisfied with the answer, you get your money back!

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About us

Here is the team behind HireMyHead:

Tanuj Kalia is the founder of this website!

Om Agarwal, 21, is a law student from NUJS, Kolkata and co-founder of AimCLAT, a website for law aspirants. He loves risks and rejected an investment which would value his latest startup, EazyCoach, at HALF A CRORE.

So, what is the ‘Raavana Friends Referral’ contest?

Click HERE to get a straight entry into the heady fight!

We are launching HireMyHead with the Raavana Friends Referral Contest!

The contest is simple: get your friends to sign-up and get cash rewards!

Click here for a simple 6 step process to enter and win the contest!

First 3 prizes (highest number of friends referred) of Rs. 20000, 15000 and 10000. Ten prizes of Rs. 2000 each!

How are we managing to be so lavish? Well,  we have recently received funding from generous Bong  investors (with minds without fear and heads held high) and we are spending that money in our ‘Raavana’ Contest.

The last date to get the sign-ups is 13th of April, 2014.

Click on THIS LINK to participate in the contest! Go go go!

Steps to participate and win the Raavana contest:

1. Enter your email id on the right (after clicking here)and get your own unique link.

2. Share this unique link as widely as possible (via email, facebook, twitter etc.).

How we track the results:

Through this unique link, your friends will have to like our Facebook page and then fill in their email ID on the right. This way, your friends’ registrations will be tracked by us.

Keep sharing the unique link and view the results (of how many people have come through you) on our Facebook page.

That’s it! People with the highest number of registrations win!

PS- please share this widely. Prizes will be distributed only if we get 5000 or more sign-ups via this contest. Our Bong investors want to see results!

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