Internship Experience @ Gurvinder Pal Singh & Associates, District Court, Karnal: Learn Technicalities of the Court {S}



Name of organisation and location

Gurvinder Pal Singh & Associates, District Court, Karnal

How to apply

I applied for internship at Adv G.P Singh by directly contacting him for the very purpose.

Duration of internship & timings

I did my internship for 15 days.

Timings were very appropriate for the interns, from 9:30 a.m to 4:00 p.m.

First impression, first day

On the first day, I was in my proper dress at 9:30 sharp.

He welcomed me and introduced me to his junior counsels.

He also asked me about my academic background, interests and future planning in specific field pertaining to law in a very friendly manner.

I was also  asked to carefully examine the Court proceedings and manners.

Main tasks

He deals with many cases pertaining to both criminal as well as civil law so we used to visit various Court rooms the whole day, where I observed that most of the pleaders used to speak in Hindi or in their local language unlike lawyers of High Court.

Also I analysed practical knowledge or experience is far away from theoretical knowledge.

Work environment and People

The environment in the Chamber was very eco- friendly.

The junior counsels taught me the technicality of the Court.


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