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UN Geneva: Training on Global Justice, UN Studies and Multilateral Diplomacy

Deadline: March 25, 2015

Introduction: The Global Justice Academy is accepting applications for its 2015 – Training on Global Justice, UN Studies and Multilateral Diplomacy, an unsurpassed opportunity for students and practitioners of human rights and diplomacy.

Participants will study the UN role in global justice, creating public international human rights and humanitarian law, and multilateral diplomacy, all in Geneva.

The GJA training offers a unique opportunity for motivated students and practitioners interested in learning about the functions of the global justice system and to expand their personal and professional horizons.

Students aspiring for careers in national civil and foreign service, the UN, research and teaching, international NGOs, civil society, to practice human rights and public interest litigation, and to pursue advanced international studies will benefit from the intense training program.

Curriculum Highlights: The training in Chandigarh and Practicum in Geneva provides a thorough understanding to the global justice systems.

The program addresses the most contemporary international issues through classroom seminars, lectures, briefings, and participation in UN meetings and sessions. The training methods are substantially non-academic, participatory and interactive, and with minimal use of lectures.

LEVEL I: The United Nations and Global Justice System

1 week, April 2015, Chandigarh, India

The Training will impart detailed and in-depth education on the mandate, structure, and functioning of the various mechanism of the UN human rights system; process of the adoption of international treaties to their ratification and monitoring; the role of the national human rights mechanisms, enacting new legislation and amending existing national legislation to bring it in conformity with international standard.

The importance of collaborating with the Government on standards-related matters to ensure compliance with the obligations under treaties. The Training will also educate participants about the role of the international criminal tribunals and court in promoting global justice.

ADVANCED LEVEL: Geneva Practicum on the United Nations Diplomacy.

2 weeks, June 2015, Geneva, Switzerland

The main objective of the program is to enable participants to learn more practically about human rights-related functions of the United Nations in Geneva.

They will attend sessions and meetings of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) and its mechanisms (UN Universal Periodic Review, UN Special Procedures), and the UN Human Rights Treaty Bodies, and others organized by civil society and NGO sector.

Participants will also learn in-depth functioning of the UN Special Rapporteurs.

The participants will acquire understanding of the UN process of creating international standards and their implementation.  They will work on assigned thematic issues, and based on their participation in the UN meetings will write analytical papers, which may be compiled and published.

The participants have to comply with several tasks: reading reports submitted to the HR-Council, drafting reports on the deliberations of the HR-Council, drafting a communication to the UN thematic procedures; and undertake three written tests.

Setting Description: Students will be housed in shared student residence/hostels centrally located in city of Geneva, Switzerland.

Participants will have the opportunity to visit many of the international organizations that are headquartered in Geneva, such as UNOG, the ICRC, the UNHCR, OHCHR, the ILO, and the WTO, and other intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations headquartered in Geneva.

[The applicants can also apply for Level I only, regardless of their interest in Advanced Level Geneva Practicum on UN Diplomacy.]

Eligibility Requirement:

1. Students:

a. University/college students in the field of communication, English language,  journalism, law, social or politics, physical science, or other related fields;

b. Undertook prior human rights coursework, wrote research papers, articles, and participated in human rights internships;

c. Excellent written and oral communication skills in English;

d. Good IT skills including a good command of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Additional skills in website editing and design would be an advantage;

e. Disciplined and punctual;

f. Excellent ability to multi-task and work in a diverse teams under pressure;

g. Interest in becoming familiar with the work of UN and related organizations;

h. Current or ex GJA associates will receive priority consideration;

i. 10+1 and 2 students who are active participants in the Model UN and voluntary activities;

j. For admission to Advanced Level Geneva Practicum, successful completion of Level I is required.

2. Professionals:

a. Human rights and social justice professionals, lawyers, teachers, researchers, civil society and NGO leaders;

b. Demonstrated interest and experience in human rights and social justice issues;

c. Interest in becoming familiar with the work of UN and related organizations;

d. Excellent written and oral communication skills in English;

e. Good IT skills including a good command of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Additional skills in website editing and design would be an advantage;

f. Disciplined and punctual;

g. Excellent people skills and an ability to multi-task, ability to work in a diverse teams under pressure;

h. For admission to Advanced Level Geneva Practicum, successful completion of Level I is pre-requisite.


Level I – Rs. 4250.00 (covers only training expenses, and excludes travel, lodging, and living expenses)

Advanced Practicum – Professionals Swiss Francs $3050.00 &

Students Swiss Francs 2550.00 (covers training and lodging, and excludes travel and living expenses)

A Limited number of partial fellowships for fee may be available for students only.

Application Materials HERE.

[If required number of qualified participants for Level I Program are unavailable, the GJA may organize Level I in Geneva immediately prior to the Geneva Practicum on the United Nations Diplomacy.]

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