By Chetan Atheist

GJLS, Sonepat, India’s first global law school has won the second All India Law Students Fashion Show organised by an organization from January 25-27 in New Delhi.

Most of the students from GJLS actively took part in the fashion show, having taken a policy decision not to participate in moot courts etc., activities which now find favour only with the national or regional law schools.

“A global lawyer has to have all-round abilities”, explained Lakshman Kumar, the director of GJLS.

When contacted, the organisation which organised the fashion show said, “Our organisation organised the competition at a global level. We are proud of that”.

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  1. I find it lulz-worthy! So there you go- Lulz!
    Could have been written better though. More detail in the main body perhaps? And the names could have been funnier too. ‘Lakshman Kumar’ does not even BEGIN to encompass the ‘Director’.
    Ignore Mr. Khanna, he’s just hurt his humerus.
    Jiggle Jiggle Jiggle Jiggle Jiggle- yeaaaaah (Sing to the tune of ‘Sexy and I know it’)

  2. Its not about a national law school being favored in the Moot Court Competitions. What generally the other law school students lack is the availability of proper guidance and resources. Once the regional and local colleges incorporate the same in their institutions…. everyone would land up in the same platform. But yes, partly the favour towards the NLU’s need to mellow down at some point.

    Rest, all would meet each other a few years down the line, at the courtroom arguing… the judge wont be asking you.,. “which institute you are from??””……..\\
    Moot court rat race ends there….

    Cheers and heartfelt congratulations to JGLS. :))

  3. Lol. As funny as it may read, it just shows how jobless people in other law colleges are, perhaps.
    It would be better if the self-proclaimed ‘better off’ law students dealt with some real issues in life, rather than attempting to show others down. And I wonder what personal grudge could people from the much appreciated NLUs have against Jindal. Weren’t you all supposed to be the intellectually superior kinds, with less regard for pity things like these? Er!

    Well, also, sad to see Lawctopus catering to such naive minds with no sense of reality whatsoever. I mean, ‘False news with balls’? Lol, quite mature of you there, I must say.


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