Internship @ Chambers of Senior Advocate, Geeta Luthra Delhi: Welcome Young lady! I hope you extract the most from this internship

 She said “Welcome! young lady, I hope you extract the most from this internship”. That was enough to make my day.

Name of the organisation. City

Chambers of Sr. Adv Geeta Luthra. Delhi

How big was the office? Team strength?

The office is at A-35 East of Kailash, basically its the basement area, of her very residence, a well set up area comprising of 2 conference rooms, 3 associate cabins (very spacious), surprisingly one intern room  as well.

There are two partners apart from Geeta ma’am and 9 associates in total. Also, four helping clerks to manage files and etc.

Application procedure. Internship contact details.

Email id is geetaluthra@gmailPerson to be contacted in this regard is Naina mam.

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

I interned at the Chambers of Geeta Luthra for a month but there is a provision to extend the duration of internship, which generally people do as the working environment is damn good.

One is expected to work for 6 days a week ( yes!, even the interns) and in fact sometimes even Sundays. When it comes to “timings”, there is a fixed time to report in the morning, but nothing such is fixed for leaving the office at night.

Firstly, one is expected to report at Delhi High Court at 10 am sharp. By that I meant, if you are even late by 10-15 minutes, one chap is ready to pull your leg, Rohit sir. (With me it once happened that, I was late by 15 minutes due to fog and resultant traffic jam, and therefore landed up being “the target of the day” :)).

Sometimes interns are also asked to report at other courts like at Saket Metropolitian court, Kadkaduma Labour Court or Tees Hazari District court.

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

On my first day, as I was asked to report at the lawyers chamber at Delhi High Court, while I was waiting, I saw this erudite lady walking towards the chamber, all I could do is to introduce myself, when she said “Welcome! young lady, I hope you extract the most from this internship”. That was enough to make my day.

Later, we were lucky enough to see her argue in one of the matters and then we were asked to reach the office. First day is suppose to be the easiest day in this office, as not much work is given and also you are allowed to leave early i.e. 8 pm.

Also, formal dress-up shall be appreciated (Black and White). As there were 5-6 other interns already by the time I joined, mixing up in that environment was not an issue. No other formalities as such.

Main tasks

During my initial days, I was asked to research for judgements/authorities/case laws on matrimonial issues, Land Acquisition etc. for which facts were told in brief.

Later, I was given compilation of cases, Also eventually to make case notes for a given case. And by the way, all of which has to be done by the same day.

Also, I got a chance to frame rejoinders and denials and not only this, once I got a chance to write a Speech for Geeta Ma’am on Criminal Justice.

Apart from this, during the court hours, interns were expected to keep an eye over the matters as per cause list and inform the same to the respective associates. And not only this, one (intern) is suppose to be well aware of what happened in the case.

There were actually times, when interns were asked to get a case at the last moment so as to include it before the court. I happen to experience one such situation, wherein I was given a list of 10-12 case citations as was asked to get 3 sets of the same within 10 minutes.

I had to literally, rush to the High Court Library, intimidating everyone there, almost begged the helper guy to find me those cases (when he finally asked me : beta, konse year mei ho?) and somehow managed to rush back to the chamber where the compilation was being done (BTW everyone noticed me on my way and was able to acquire the temporary title of “P.T.Usha”).

Work environment, people

The working environment is like “work-eat-work-have fun-work-eat-work“. 

If you are a foodie, don’t give a second thought and associates are really sweet to even pay for whatever you order as they are foodies too! Starting on with momos, garlic bread, samosa, chinese to full fledged meals, you get to enjoy everything there.

As the associates  are all young people, getting along with them was not an issue at all. [Burger treat of Sonakshi mam and Coffee with Priyanka mam and so many times having lunch with Rohit sir shall remain unforgettable].

The associates in fact make an attempt themselves to interact and share their experiences of how things work practically, their struggle and internships etc. which is actually very inspiring and they are ready to guide you in no matter what.

Trust me, I look up-to most of them, more as a friend than a senior associate. There are people, who might appear scary in the beginning but trust me, after the “Last-session” talk (which is apparently a custom), one can do nothing but respect them the most.

The associates make it a point to teach you each and every thing step-by-step (main reference to Harish sir and Rohit sir).

Basically, they make sure that you have some or the other work to do. The environment is lively and I can assure, one can never feel bored. The presence of Geeta ma’am in the office is similar to presence of teacher in the classroom. When she is around, every one is at work.

Best things

1. I was lucky enough to grab a Coffee with Geeta ma’am in a 5-star hotel, where we basically went to attend a mediation, a memorable experience.

2. Rohit sir, as he is a perfectionist, if one is working for him, one’s work has to be perfect too. So the urge to submit the best work every time basically inculcated a habit within me to yearn for perfection.

3. Associates are very friendly, which makes the learning process really easy.(aditya sir , Narendra sir, Sonakshi mam).

4. Lots of work is given to interns and also interns are trusted like anything. The respect which is given to  interns is incredible. One can extract maximum from this internship.

5. Best opportunity to improve your researching skills. I definitely improved mine.

6. The second years are treated no different from 5th years or graduates. So being a second year, for me it was a great learning experience in every aspect.

7. If you are up for litigation, this is the place.

Bad things

As the office is in the basement, we had to come out of the place every single time to make a call.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues

I personally never felt any need to relax as the work I was given used to interest me more but there is anyways a market nearby where we used to hangout with Co-interns. Otherwise also, the environment is so awesome, that you really don’t need a break.


Rs. 2000 for a month.

Anything else you’d like to tell

A must internship for those who are looking forward to litigation, as this internship convinced me for the same. Also, I got to learn many practical aspects of litigation.

Biggest lessons

Knowledge and Hard work beats everything. Its not necessary to have a “jack” to establish yourself in litigation. So, be smart and work hard.


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