BREAKING: From NUJS to NLU Jodhpur to SAU Delhi [UPDATED]

prabhash ranjan, nujs, nlu jodhpur

London returned Professor Prabhash Ranjan who had, after a bureaucratic dispute, resigned from faculty position at NUJS Kolkata to join NLU Jodhpur will now be joining the South Asian University, Delhi.

11th October, 2013 was Professor Ranjan’s last working day at NLU Jodhpur.

According to sources, Prof. Ranjan was not comfortable working with the ‘system’ at NLU Jodhpur.

One of the NLU Jodhpur students said that Professor Ranjan was “one of the best that we had” and that his resignation was “unexpected and unacceptable” for the students.

UPDATED [October 13, 3.55 PM]

Professor Ranjan’s comment: I left NLU J for better career prospects and I don’t think much should be read into this. As a professional, I have every right to do so. It is quite normal for people to change jobs.


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