This app is for all those who dreaded Torts before the exam and couldn’t quite understand the concepts till the last day.

Well worry no more failures! This app will teach you every concept of Tort law and a lot of related case laws in a jiffy.

Half an hour with this babe [editor’s note: really?] and the strictest Tort teacher will give you nothing less than an O.

This is like one of those professors who students admire because of their astute ability to make students understand the concepts in a very enjoyable manner. Well think about it!

People have had teachers on Skype teach them but a full time professor on Tort law? Wow!! This is a good cheat sheet to revise topics for ones exam. Have fun with this app kids!

Available at Play Store for free over here. For latest updates regarding app like us over here.

These are the topics covered in the app

Concepts covered:

  •     Assault
  •     Battery
  •     False Imprisonment
  •     Negligence
  •     Defamation
  •     Internal Infliction of Emotional Distress
  •     Malicious Prosecution
  •     Trespass
  •     Defenses in Law of Torts (Necessity, Private Defense, V.N.F.I. etc.)
  •     Damages
  •     Other concepts such as Vicarious Liability, Tender Year Doctrine etc.


  1. Hi Rahul,

    The app is not available at the App Store at the moment. I could build one if there’s ample number of people who need the app but it will only work on jailbreaked devices reason being that in order to make a legitimate iPhone app you need an Apple Developer Account which cost 99$ per annum. Keeping in mind that I intend to keep the app free it wouldn’t be feasible for me to spend that kind of cash every year.


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