A classroom, of one of the top five National Law Universities in India. It is afternoon time and the last class for the day. A teacher whose name one can find in ‘visiting/guest faculty list’ on the University website is taking the lecture.

The quality of teaching faculty as the students correctly say “sucks”. As soon as the lecture begins, you can hear a ringing phone of one the students. This keeps on repeating itself from different corners of the classroom.

Then soon all sorts of colourful songs are being played by the students. The teacher begs the class “Please, stop playing the music.” When it doesn’t, he taps the table. In response, he hears more table-taps from different corners, just like our Parliament.

Followed by this are whistles, giggles and claps. The teacher just somehow manages to end the lecture and leaves. He just leaves but he knows he still has examination answer sheets in his hands.

All of this, forces me to ask two questions to myself.

Being a student in one of nation’s most prestigious law universities, is this quality of faculty the students deserve, which makes them repellent to attend the class and is now touching the border of a sort-of-rebellion (although a childish one)?

Is this the way to tackle the problem of poor faculty, especially the ones, who take in the insult from the students in the name of “healthy classroom fun”?

Well, all of this points out to:

1. The authoritative and poor University administration, how it employs inefficient teaching staff, the cost of which is paid by the ‘students’. But the University still manages to be one of the top Law Universities in India because of its ‘students’.

2. The students, after coming to college have wiped off the line between ‘fun’ and ‘insult’. When healthy fun becomes unsophisticated and is targeted towards the vulnerable ones who take it, it does not remain fun anymore.

3. The helplessness of the students and how students after being unable to organise themselves and voice their concerns in front of the powerful college authorities, take their frustration out by targeting the vulnerable ones.

During my previous internship, I met one of the students (now a very good friend) from one of another top five Law Universities in India.

When I asked him about lectures and normal college routine, he said “You don’t fell like attending the lectures. The faculty just sucks. But you have to. Compulsory attendance system, you know.

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  1. I am proud to be a part of a law SCHOOL that follows a decorum and such behavior is always dealt very strictly and moreover the students themselves are aware of the line between a healthy debate and rowdiness. As for your college I have little information about for all the top five NLUs (NLSIU,
    NALSAR, NLIU , WBNUJS and NLU )I believe the students are very well mannered and even the staff are well learned. Even if you are dealing with such problem I advise you to report about it to the Student Chairperson.

  2. Dear… this is nothing…. my govt. institution have groups of teachers who indulge in court cases against each other… indulge students against each other… even girls putting fake allegation of sexual harassment… S.509 IPC complaint….. on the direction of other professors, who never teach.. taking 1.5 lac/ 85000/month from govt. coffers… but not for teaching…. it all sucks…
    A few Guest Faculty Teaches Very well…. are efficient…. but professors do politics over them… if somebody do not follow… work and conduct of such guest faculty can be distorted… in CDLU Sirsa, Haryana.

  3. seriously! which NLU are you talking about? have you ever been in class in any of the ‘top five NLUs’ you are talking about?

  4. Afterall they all belong to NLU they don’t need shit boring sucking lectures from the old school lecturer!!!!!!!!
    U Shit guys deserve a lecturer who can give kick 2 ur assshhhhhh like the private institution lecturer do wid us.

  5. I now am sure that condition in all NLUs is same. The top 5 NLUs are have same faculty as the lower one. Yeah I am also aware of NLUA’s condition. There are some very good faculties while other like Naresh vatts, Dinesh Daima, Vijay Tiwari, Thanzakhup tombing (the worst) and Mayengbam Nandakishwor just SUCK. Excluding them all are very good 🙂 RIP DUMBFUCKS

  6. True Story!!!
    Just Going Through It in NLU Assam.
    People with just LLM and zero experience are hired as Professors. And more so students are fed up with faculties who are so inefficient that they do no have any research work or project and even PHd still they are hired as Associate and Senior Professors . Only a quite small number of teachers are worthy rest are dumbfucks. RIP Saheb Naresh Vijay


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