All-Expenses-Paid US International Student Program at Charlotte Law School: Apply by Jul 26

The US International Student Program is an all-expenses-paid US study program at Charlotte Law School at Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

iLaw Global has been offering the following courses with

1. Diploma in International Business Transactions

2. Certification Course in International Intellectual Property

3. Certification Course in International Taxation

Motivated by the positive responses and a large number of enrolments, Charlotte School of Law which certifies these courses announced an International Student Program.

What are the expenses paid for?

The International Student Program will cover the entire costs of your flight tickets (Both to the US and the return ticket back to India), tuition fees and accommodation expenses.

You will also receive a daily stipend to cover your day to day expenses.

Tuition cost of the credit courses taken during one month stay : $2500 – $3000

Living expenses for the 1 month stay including boarding and lodging : $2500

Airfare : $1000

Total : $6000

Your stipend will be adjusted as per the cost of housing allotted to you.

How will the experience at the International Student Program benefit you as an academic and practitioner?

North Carolina is the second most significant US City for banking and related corporate transactional work after New York.

Located in the heart of Uptown Charlotte the Charlotte School of Law main campus houses classrooms, offices, moot courts, meeting spaces, student organisation areas, a  courtroom, study rooms and knowledge bars, as well as the largest law library in western North Carolina.

During your time in Charlotte you will get to choose from a number of credit courses and attend classes with students at the Charlotte School of Law.

You could even get an opportunity to do an internship with a US attorney based in Charlotte – a great way to observe the American legal system and work and the nature of legal practice in the US.

Alternatively, you could assist a professor in the Charlotte School of Law doing research on pressing legal issues, getting a deep understanding of the legal matters that are affecting the US and the world.

The largest city in North Carolina, and the third fastest growing major city in the US, Charlotte is a major financial centre in the US.

Replete with museums, libraries, sprawling parks, sporting facilities, theatres, commercial centres and much more, it is the perfect places for a student to live, study, work and research.

Even if you haven’t yet applied/met the eligibility requirements yet, you could still apply for the International Student Program

July 26, 2015 is the last date to apply to be short listed for this program. By enrolling in any of these distance learning courses offered by iLaw Global and certified by Charlotte School of Law you could become eligible for this all-expenses-paid study trip to the US

Who have been Shortlisted so far?

So far these students have been short-listed for the final selection rounds of the International Student Program:

  • Rahul Risbud (Advocate at Rahul Risbud & Co.)
  • Deoul Pathak (Advocate at Bombay High Court)
  • Priya Dominic (Karnataka State Law University)
  • Dr. Ramani Swarna (Masters of Philosophy, Delhi University)
  • Bharat Lal (Maharaj Vinayak Global University, Jaipur)
  • Ayushi Mishra (National Law University, Jodhpur)
  • Mohit Manhas (Guru Nanak Dev University)
  • Leena Desai (G.J. Advani Law College)
  • Roopal Tripathi (Symbiosis Law School, Noida)

You too could be shortlisted for the International Student Program.

Find full details HERE.


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