Dr. Ambedkar Foundation National Essay Competition [English and Hindi]: Prizes of Rs. 1L, 50K and 25K

The aim of the Dr. Ambedkar Foundation National Essay Competition is to encourage writing on social issues, among the Students of Schools / Colleges / Universities / Institutions and arouse their interest in Dr. Ambedkar’s thoughts on fundamental social issues like social justice, removal of untouchability, caste based prejudices, removal of inequality and discrimination, social democracy, national integration, communal harmony etc.

The students are expected to analyze and suggest ways and means to establish a stronger social democracy and a just society.

(i) There is no entry fee.

(ii) The essay shall be of 3500 words and 2000 words for entries from students of Colleges / Universities / Institutions and Schools respectively.

(iii) Each participant should submit only one essay entry on the suggested topic.

(iv)The participants shall submit a certificate that the essay is their original work.

(v) The individual participant shall enclose a certificate issued by the concerned recognized school/ college/ University/ institutions, certifying that he/she is a bonafide student.

(vi) Participants should send two clean typed copies (one original & other photocopy) of the essay.

One copy should include name, address, topic, language, e-mail, phone no. etc. with the signature of the participant, while the other copy need not show any such particulars.

(vii) Submission of the essay entry to the competition implies the acceptance of the rules and regulations of the competition.

(viii)No correspondence will be entertained in this regard.

(ix) Plagiarism will result in immediate disqualification.

(x) Relevant information like name, e-mail address, postal address, institution, course and year of study etc. of the student participant should be indicated in the covering letter and strictly not in the essay.

(xi) The organizers reserve the right to reject entries that do not conform to these guidelines.

(xii) All entries received for competition will become the property of the Dr. Ambedkar Foundation. The winning entries may be considered for publication in a book form by the Foundation.

(xiii) In all matters of dispute, the decision of the Dr. Ambedkar Foundation will be final and binding.

The essays will be judged by an evaluation committee (to be set up by the Chair) for the selection of the prize winning entries.

The essay will be evaluated on the basis of contents, analysis / interpretation, presentation and writing skills as per the following provisions.


Contents: 50

Analysis/ interpretation: 20

Presentation: 15

Writing Skills: 15 

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