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Do you know how to draft a contract for a mobile application?

How does a technology contract differ from a regular one?

What do you need to know to protect a proprietary product?

Few days ago two clients approached me for advice regarding their new deal. They were two young application developers and wanted to get into business with their alma mater for a trial run. They had not applied for any registration at this stage, so they were apprehensive that their app might be ripped off by the students using them in the trial phase. They came to me for drafting necessary contracts which would protect their interests.

My first idea was to have them apply for a trademark and copyright registration for their application. I could also draft a contract for them. But from what I understood, there was nothing proprietary in their idea. That was another problem I faced. I did not have enough understanding about coding to understand the functioning of the application. So I asked for their proposal and told them to explain the application and its function.

One of the most difficult things as a lawyer is to extract relevant information from the clients. They explained the technological aspects in great detail. I needed to know if there was any uniqueness or utility factor that made them eligible for a patent application, but I honestly had a tough time simplifying what they said. I needed to draft a contract, which I knew how, but the technological aspects made it extremely confusing for me.

As lawyers, we need to keep learning about laws and updating ourselves. But we need to also know about the other subject matter and industry if we want to expand ourselves. Eventually, we managed getting a stable agreement in place and I put all the necessary clauses for them to be protected. I also took help from a friend who deals in such matters regularly just to be safe.

But this incident brought forth my own gap in understanding and knowledge. I looked up online what all I should know and do to improve my expertise in this area. There were books, short certificate courses in both law and technology.

I checked out their syllabus and was underwhelmed. I need a thorough understanding of the subject with practical applications. So I wanted something better and comprehensive than certificate course for cyber laws. But being a working professional, I also needed learning to be flexible enough to earn and learn at the same time.

We at LawSikho realise the troubles of skill development while pursuing a full-time education or a job. Not only are you pressed for time, you need the best of the learning experience in the most practical way possible. Therefore, we bring to you the most comprehensive Diploma in Cyber Law, Fintech and Technology Contracts which is designed to be practical and task oriented.

We try to bridge the gap where traditional or e-learning falls short. You get a thoroughly curated curriculum along with reading materials, video sessions, self-assessment quizzes, weekly exercises and regular feedback sessions.

This helps you build a knowledge base in cyber law, fintech, GDPR compliance, drafting of different kinds of technology contracts, etc. We help you develop your skills in these areas with constant exercises and regular feedback.

We have limited seats in our batch. As we have live interaction and personal feedback along with weekly exercises and classes, we cannot admit more than 20 students in a batch. Do hurry and book your seats, as after 20 seats are filled up, we will not be able to take your admission.

Course Commencement Date: 1st August 2018, Wednesday

Last Date To Enroll For The Course: 31st July 2018, Tuesday

Course Fee: INR 20,000

Duration Of The Course: 1 Year

Seats: 20 (Limited Seats)

To enroll: click here.

Join now. The seats are filling fast. If you join now, you get access to the materials right away. You can start learning right away, and the exercises and live classes will start on the designated start date.

Do you have a question regarding the course? Do you want to explore how you can use this course to progress in your career?

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