Interview of Dhananjay Kumar, CEO and Founder, Interview Quotient + 9 Interview Tips and Mistakes

The Interview Quotient is an organization which provides holistic, one to one, personalized interview training to law students, among others.

The organisation trains students for the following purposes: Job Positions, Internships. Scholarships for the LLM program, Law School Admissions (including preparation of application materials for LLM admissions to the US, UK and European Law Schools).

We think the project is interesting and so we decided to interview Dhananjay Kumar, the CEO and Founder of Interview Quotient.

1. What’s your background and what made you start interview quotient?

During my college days I observed that many students struggle for interview preparation for job/internships/college admissions/scholarships. The common practice that prevails in all colleges is that for any interview students approach their seniors.

The seniors give general tips which do not suffice to every students needs. Local institutes prepare students for interviews but they are very time consuming and costly. One has to travel long distances for mock sessions.

Due to some of these factors even a meritorious student loses out on a great opportunity.With interview quotient, there is no need to travel long distances for a mock interview. The team at interview quotient works 24 x 7 and takes mock interviews over the phone/skype.

From 2012-2014 I have trained 500 students from diverse fields of law, engineering MBA and banking services on an informal basis.

In 2015, I started the Interview Quotient with a team of experienced individuals in the fields of law, engineering, MBA and banking services.

The law team comprises of former associates from leading law firms (Amarchand, AZB & Partners, Luthra & Luthra etc.) and graduates from top most law schools (Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, NYU, Cornell etc.).

After the success of our initiative and the demand for our services by students, we have now built an organization to provide quality interview training preparation at affordable costs to students of law, engineering, MBA and banking services.

2. What are some of the biggest mistakes people commit while giving interviews?

Every student has his or her own set of problems. While a student might have sound knowledge of technical subjects he may lack effective communication skills. Some mistakes which are common amongst students are as follows:

  • Students adopt a casual approach towards interviews and start preparing only a week or a day before their interview.
  • They do not have full understanding of their own resume.
  • They are unable to steer the conversation in the direction which highlights their strengths and minimizes their weaknesses.
  • They unknowingly use some technical terms without knowing its meaning which puts them under stress in an interview. For example: A student using the term ‘transfer pricing’ and not able to answer on being questioned further will be under stress in an interview.
3. What’s your best pieces of advice for someone going for an interview?

A holistic and targeted interview preparation requires guidance, time and practice. My advice to someone preparing for an interview would be as follows:

  • Start your preparation early, ideally one month before the date of the interview.
  • Prepare yourself to talk for 2-3 minutes about anything mentioned on your CV.
  • Give well structured answers in point format.
  • Your responses to questions must provoke further questions from the interviewer. For example: If an interviewer asks you about tax havens, you must use keywords like offshore companies and Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements, so that he is able to ask you questions on these terms.
  • Be calm, confident and establish a good rapport with the interviewer.
4. How does your interview counselling take place and what are the charges for the same?

The Interview Quotient is an accessible, affordable and quality driven organization for holistic and focused interview preparation. Our team of subject experts comprises of law firm associates, professors from law schools, members of NGOs and practicing advocates.

Step 1: Conduct a basic interview  over the phone/skype.

Step 2: Assessment of an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and requirements by the subject experts.

Step 3: After taking into consideration the availability of the expert and student, we design an interview schedule for the student. It includes technical interview, HR interview, and general awareness interview.

The number of mock interviews range from anywhere between 5-8 depending upon the requirement of the student.

Step 4: Feedback after every mock interview and practice sessions for improving the weak areas.

We are unique because we offer our students one to one training sessions with our subject experts. We understand the positive and negative aspects of your profile and encourage you to share your problem areas.

For this we provide you with a friendly, amicable environment, and a mentor in the form of our subject expert. He or she conducts personalized sessions with you and understands your profile.

This works because we are motivated to solve problem areas of an individual, offer customized interview training, and have a brilliant team of experts working to help you achieve your dreams. 

dhananjay kumar ceo interview quotient
Dhananjay Kumar
5. What is the fee structure of the various services that interview quotient provides to law students?

We provide law students with the following services:

Drafting a professional CV: Rs. 1000

Drafting a professional CV + 5 mock interviews by subject experts (1 general interview, 1 technical interview, 1 HR interview, 2 Full interviews) + Guidance to prepare graduation subjects. Rs. 6000

Drafting a professional CV + 8 mock interviews by subject experts (1 general interview 1 technical interview 1 HR interview 5 full interviews) + Guidance to prepare graduation subjects: Rs. 10,000

Assist in the preparation for LLM application materials (CV and Statement of Purpose). For 4 law schools in the US/UK/Europe: Rs. 10,000

Drafting a professional CV + internship interviews (1 general interview 1 technical interview 1 HR interview): Rs. 3000

6. What is the best way to reach the team at Interview Quotient?

The team at Interview Quotient is available 24 x 7 to provide interview training over the phone/skype.

You can reach us through email/phone.

Emails id’s: and

Contact Number: +91-9910841905 

Website is accessible HERE.
We are in the process of hiring campus associates. Click here to apply.

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