Lawctopus Brings In Democratic Technology + Redesign | Also, Now at 1 Million Monthly Pageviews + India Today Coverage

By Tanuj Kalia

Hello people!

Let me begin with a confession! It was a cumbersome process to get stuff published on Lawctopus.

You emailed us, we checked it and published it. If any changes were required by you or by us, the back and forth emails made it messier. As we grew popular, the volume of emails grew. Sometimes we didn’t get back to you. And sometimes, you didn’t get back to us.

This system was cracking. Sorry for all the trouble!

But then came technology. And then came Kautuk Bhatnagar.

We’ve now made it simple for you to share opportunities, events, internship experiences and blog posts with us.

Like, really really simple.

Hint: Check the top bar on the site (submit a new post option).

The process is simple. You login and submit a post for review. (You can add images, files, documents and what not).

We publish or reject it. And when we do that, you get an email about it.

If you want changes to your post, you can login and request for changes again.

The whole process is tracked and documented. Hail technology and hail Kautuk Bhatnagar!

Other than making the process smoother and more workable, this will mean a lot of other things too:

1. This would mean that more content gets published. More internship experiences, more opportunities and events and more blogs!

More is better (in most of the cases)! More content (relevant, of course) means that the community becomes stronger and that helps each member even more!

2. This would also mean that more varied type of content gets published. We’ve for long wanted to publish a lot more than just opportunities and internship experiences (though we know you love them a lot).

Things like: blogs, career advice pieces, write-ups on the law student and the law school life, book and movie reviews, academic notes.

With this democratic technology in place, all of this becomes possible!

3. The Campus Leaders Program becomes a lot rigorous.

Our campus leaders have been doing a terrific job. But imagine the issues of managing 221 highly motivated students over email and WhatsApp. As I said, the systems were breaking.

With this in place, we’ll be able to track which campus leader is doing what sort of work and incentivize our star performers accordingly.

NOTE: We’ll NOT be taking requests to get posts published on Lawctopus via email! The way to do that is to use the ‘submit a new post’ option.

Ok, so that was about the democratic technology!

There’s another thing that has happened.

There were 90+ categories on Lawctopus. There was a separate category for seminars, a separate one for conferences, for lectures, webinars, etc.

This was confusing. For our editors (that’s me and Abhimanyu). And that was confusing for you too. Apologies, again!

We’ve made it simpler. The number of categories now in place are 30 odd. It’s simpler!

Also, a reorganisation and redesign of the website has happened.

Since a LOT of content was being published on Lawctopus we’ve made it easier for you to navigate content and click on what you’d like to read.

Finally, we’ve increased are server hosting budget by 200%, invested in managed technological operations to ensure that the website is faster and your overall experience better!

That’s how much we love you and how much we respect your time!

I hope you like the new changes we’ve made to Lawctopus.

If you’ve anything to say about these, please do write to me at

It’s always good to hear from people we are serving.

PS- It’s been a good beginning to the new year! And well, there’s another nice development coming!

Actually, the new year has been really been kind.

We are now getting 1 million (that’s 10 lakhs) page-views every month!

And we got covered in India Today Aspire, January edition. See here.



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