About the 2nd Annual Constitutional Law Debate Competition

The Constitutional Law and Policy Reform Society of SVKM’s Pravin Gandhi College of Law is proud to present the second edition of its Constitutional Law and Policy Debate. The debate will be held on 21st April, 2018 in the college premises.

The Competition aims at stimulating discussions on constitutional and social issues of contemporary relevance.

The topics for this year’s debate are:

  • Whether a Population Control Policy is unconstitutional? (Preliminary Round)
  • Judicial Activism v. Judicial Overreach (Quarter Finals)
  • Whether the Directive Principles of State Policy have become redundant? (Semi Finals)
  • Whether the law relating to adultery in India is gender discriminatory and unconstitutional? (Finals)

Cash Prizes:

a. Best Team: 5000 INR
b. Runners-Up: 2500 INR
c. Best Speaker: 2500 INR


Register online at this link.

Fee: 500 INR per team


For any queries contact: pgcl.clprs@gmail.com


Rules: Click here

Event Details: Click here


This post was first published on: April 4, 2018


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