Contribute to Policy Making: Maadhyam Invites Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Bill, 2016


Do you know your Enemy? It could be the neighbour next door, or that class fellow or the mailman.

This is what this law intends to do.

It intends to categorize people as enemies on the basis of actions their ancestors took.

Once classified as enemies, it intends to take over their properties. Hence the name.

Contribute to Policy Making

All the inputs which come in will be collated and circulated among Rajya Sabha MPs as the Bill is listed for discussion in Rajya Sabha in the ongoing Winter Session.

This is an initiative by Maadhyam which aims to make policy formulation a participatory exercise. Maadhyam will act as a digital medium between stakeholders and their representatives on policy matters.


Maadhyam is founded by by Maansi Verma, a law graduate from Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi, a Young India Fellow and a LAMP Fellow. She currently works as a Legislative and Policy Analyst.

Detailed Analysis of the Bill

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