The Climber’s MyCaptain Novel Writing Workshop [September]: Register by Sept 15


The Climber’s My Captain initiative is a youth mentoring youth initiative where Young Achievers from different fields of passions mentor and take workshops for students.

All workshops include:

1. Daily discussions

2. Tasks

3. An insight into the career options in the chosen field of interest

4. 10 Sessions

5. Internships / Project opportunities.

Upon completion of the workshop, one gets:

1. A Certificate of completion from The Climber which is an NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore incubated company.

2. Letter of Recommendation from the mentor as and when needed.

3. Internship and Project opportunities available

In the last year and a half we have mentored over 1000 students from across India in 9 different cities.

Registration Fee

The total fees of this program is Rs. 1000/-

Course Content

Week 1: Introduction

Why write?

Types of writing and genres.

What does it take to write?

Week 2 & 3: Basics of Novel Writing

Designing your characters

The storyline- Plot, setting, everything else

Dialogues and why they matter

Finishing the first draft

Week 4: Editing and Tinkering

Rephrasing, Grammar Check and Rewriting

Details and Enhancement

Writing Blurb and Elevator-Pitching your story

Week 5: Publishing & Marketing

Traditional Publishing vs. Self Publishing

Online Marketing

Challenges of being a School/college going Published Author

Assignment Week 1:

Writing Prompt: A common writing prompt will be given and the mentees will have to continue the story up to 750 words. The same shall be discussed at 9 p.m. during the discussion time upon their completion.

Interactions: Learn about the kind of books the mentees read, their favorite books, elements of their favorite books that they enjoyed.

Assignment Week 2:

Character Questionnaire: The mentees will have to fill in a Questionnaire about their characters to get a deeper understanding about their own characters and hence project them effectively in their story.

Storyline Flowchart; Plot Rollercoaster: The mentees will have to fill in an image called the “Plot Rollercoaster” (Will be provided at the time of course)

Assignments week 3:

1. Exercise on using dialogue tags

2. Adding Details to a given rough draft

3. Writing blurb to an existing novel

4. 35-seconds video explaining their novel

Assignment Week 4:

1. Writing an e-mail to a publisher (Mock Practice)

2. Observing fellow Authors & taking notes

3. Networking (Following fellow authors, bloggers and Reviewers)

For further details, click HERE.


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