Campus Law Center (CLC) Delhi’s Invitation to Contribute for Development of Law Comic; Tell by Feb 5


Law as a social science and a social engineering device is an avowed instrument to bring about desired change in society. It has been widely accepted that the governance idyllic ‘Justice to All’ cannot be realized in its true perspective without a dynamic programme of legal literacy.

To awaken the society from deep slumber and bring them out from the darkness of denial, there is an emerging need to enlighten the upcoming generation with the lamp of legal literacy. If the provisions and procedures of law are not understandable to those for whose interests they are meant, the very rationale of enacting the law will be a fruitless exercise by any welfare state.

The study of law as a discipline has been confined to law students who aim to take up law as their profession. There has been little effort on part of legal academia to reach out to masses to acquaint them with the basic structure of law so as to make them aware about their rights and duties.

The concept of legal aid finds its relevance only when the masses are legally literate. This is especially true for India where teeming millions are somehow left out and exist below the visibility line of law in action.

It is extremely important and highly relevant that school going children be acquainted with the basics of law.


Desiring to familiarize young students with basic principles of law and its implementation so that they can assert their rights as means to bring qualitative change at the grass root level of the society; Recognizing that it is extremely important to doctrine young minds in the discipline of law; Realizing that young children, who are made aware of their rights and duties, can effectively contribute in the legal process at all its stages; and Aiming to facilitate the young members of society to become responsible citizens of our country and leaders of tomorrow, the Legal Aid Society of Campus Law Centre has taken up this task of preparing a legal literacy module in the form of a Law Comic for school children who belong to VI to XII standards.

This initiative of the Legal Aid Society is in continuation of our last year’s publication of a compendium on Legal Aid which is available on our blog here.

The topics that the proposed Comic will contain are the following:

1. General legal framework in India [including among other things the concept & structure of law, the court system and rights & duties]

2. Criminal Law

3. Consumer Law

4. Protection of Senior Citizens

5. Prevention of Drug Abuse

6. Child Right

7. Child Abuse [including child labour and child marriage]

8. Protecting Environment

9. Cyber Law

10. Ensuring Road Safety

11. Preventing Human Trafficking

12. Anti Ragging Law

13. Promoting Civic Sense

14. Right to Information

15. Protecting Inventions

16. Protecting Creativity

17. Legal Aid

Call for Papers

Original contributions are invited from jurists, lawyers, academicians, scholars, researchers and students on any of the themes listed above. All interested persons are encouraged to exercise their imagination and pen down their thoughts on the basis of listed guidelines. The areas listed above are not exhaustive and interested scholars may choose any other topic which is relevant for school children. The contributions received will be reviewed by an expert committee and selected contributions will be converted into comic format by the Legal Aid Society and published in the proposed Law Comic. The authorship of each selected contribution will be mentioned in the comic book.


Style: Conversational & amusing
Information: Accurate & relevant
Presentation: Interesting, catchy & engaging
Language: Simple & easy (for children of 12 to 16 years)
Length: Around 2000 words per contribution

A sample is here.

Interested authors may intimate about their willingness to contribute mentioning their proposed area of contribution latest by 5th February 2013. A soft copy of the complete contribution may be sent latest by 5th March 2013 to

Following this we also plan to organize a conference on the theme of Legal Literacy for School Children.


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