The CLAT 2018 results are out.

You can check the results on this link.

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1. I have got X rank, will I get Y college?

Sorry, but please do NOT call to ask this question.

While we understand that it’s important for you, the best strategy here is to wait and watch (this will be clear in 6-15 days). You can also check what the last year’s pattern was.

2. The CLAT results page is not opening for me.

Please put the dash (-) in the date of birth (DOB) section on the CLAT results page. If it is 12th April 2000, you should enter 12-04-2000.

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  1. Sir, I heard that NLU Jodhpur is introducing Domicile quota this year. Is this confirmed. If yes, will it reduce the seats of general category. Thanks

  2. I am from unreserved category and got 4405 rank…I know i can’t get an Nlu but i want to ask i sent my mail to grievance redressal comm.. They said that they will put a solution on 6 june…What you think about this…Should I take admission in some private ones like M.S Ramaiah, Christ college…Please suggest me soon

  3. Oh my god how is it possible, probably they might be having some magic spell…..wonderful congratulations to all toppers.

  4. sir, i got 544 Rank in clat pg exam, i actually belonged to backward class of Uttar Pradesh. In what way can i claim reservation in RMNLU lucknow. Do i have any chance of getting in?


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