Note: This is a reader’s blog. Thus, very obviously, the views expressed are that of the reader and not of Lawctopus.

We’ve verified that the student studies at School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore.

Note 2: This blog post gives a fair idea of the sort of politics that can and does happen in most law schools, private or public.

Four years back, after getting my 12th mark sheet and bidding a agony smitten farewell to my hostel inmates, I saw a dream, a crude dream, to hone my career into one which guarantees Cadillacs, eloquent offices, Armani suits and Gucci shoes, champagne and wine followed by dinner at overpriced dinner, which would cost equivalent to my father’s salary.

My father is a mere clerk at one of the numerous factories in my dirty and squalor full yet honest small town. Hardly able to know what the syllabus is, I appeared for CLAT and got 67 marks; and had no other option but to land in School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore.

Christ Bangalore’s infrastructure is, as they love to call it, “State of Art”.

Here, I got to know what debating is, what is it like to moot, and how we shouldn’t trust anyone (emphasis added), drugs, sex, nepotism, alcohol and most importantly cigarettes became a part of my life, better to say synonym of my life.

I saw people rising to power in the college by washing glasses, holding tea trays, carrying files and folders from one floor to other and eventually becoming the most powerful clerks of the world: The conveners.

These are the people who know nothing about the committees they head.

christ law college bangalore

But why did this happen?

It happened because fish logic (intended) and continue licking, licking teachers, licking seniors, licking everyone until you succeed. Law school has replaced the word try with licking in an age old adage.

The root cause of this is attendance and yellow forms (a way to claim bunked attendance on the pretext of committee work). So while the students slog to maintain 85% attendance, others just come to college to claim it.

After 3 years of my existence here, 15 days back I found out who the kingpin of this scandal was; someone I hardly knew: Mr. XYZ (name modified), the gang lord.

He is very close to one of the most powerful teachers in the law school, and is always seen in his cabin rather than in class, he dictates who should get attendance and be a part of some organising committee.

Rumours say that after college hours, ‘drink times’ are the real magic. Also, he disguises himself as an advocate at various places to earn few bucks fraudulently.

So, if you are in law school start sucking up to him.

A note: Start sucking up to the conveners and the gang lord ASAP; else, you wont we able to secure any rank in internal rounds of moots, debates, or any other such activities, which would be the bench mark and a statutory requirement to represent your institution at various competition.

I know a guy who has been working for MCS since his first year and has won moots, performed excellently, organised various competitions and still was chucked out because he refused to suck up to the gang lord.

And there is another guy, who fell in peculiar drama, people sucked up to him and became gang lords and conveners, he spoiled his grades but performed excellently in moots, organised various competitions and now got chucked out too.

There is a lady who stood up against anything wrong in college and was dedicated to MCS since her first year and an avid debater and mooter from BA-LLB, a person with great contacts, commendable organising skills, high academic background, experience of participating and winning competitions in 28 different countries, was also chucked out.

Because these people chose not to suck up to the mediocrity of gang lords.

This law school which has 1400+ students, is already struggling with dearth of teachers. We are taught constitutional law in International law’s hour (seriously!), placements are next to negligible, director is an engineer and in short, we are royally fished.

The only ray of hope is to participate in numerous competitions and intern (which is also rigged by the conveners of placement and internship committee).

There is no point in raising these issues at the college level as we have a redundant student council, and any issue is reported to the teacher who is in close contact with the Mr. XYZ (check his attendance for last 5 semesters, he would have more than 90% all of them claimed, a source from his class told me, as he is never to be seen in class).

So today I decided to make a noise at least at the level where people will pay heed to. And I request you to post it on your site, atleast for the sake of 1400+ law students.


Not so proud Christite,

Note: This is a reader’s blog. Thus, very obviously, the views expressed are that of the reader and not of Lawctopus.

We’ve verified that the student studies at School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore.

Note 2: This blog post gives a fair idea of the sort of politics that can and does happen in most law schools, private or public.

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  1. Hey… I have been obsessed about law and about Christ from a long time. I had some free time and did what I do best, surf about law schools. I was reading some articles about SLCU when I came across this one. Honestly, I don’t know what to think. Many aspiring lawyers visit this website and when they read such an article they don’t know what to believe anymore. A friend of mine studied in SLCU and she loved the experiences she gathered and I want to get accepted here next year. Now… I really don’t know. But politics exists everywhere right? Not just SLCU but any university for that matter. I really, really want to get into Christ. I heard that admission process for law is tough, especially for someone like me who has never attended coaching classes or studied for CLAT. Now do I have to worry about what happens if I do get accepted?

    A desperate student.

  2. what happened to all the great supporters of the decaying law school system. Mr. […] you worked with that team only of which the current convener is, were you only the gandhi among the nathurams. when you were given the post in the committee can you tell what was your ability {how many back papers you had?}, so a guy who knows nothing academically was so brilliant to take a great responsibility. Everyone should know that Christ University, School of law is banned from taking Part in the Prestigious jessuP 2015 due to malfunctioning of the MCS, the faculty coordinator have given up the Post and even resigned from the college itself, what happened to all the supporters. A team which was one of the close friends to the convener has been banned by ILSA for this year and next year from taking Part in the jessup. where are the supports for the MCS convener who bunked and claimed almost the whole semester where on the other hand mooters like us cried for a single holiday for the moot preparation. what else would have been the fate of our seniors where the public international law was made a bribal khicdi {taught by various faculties to single class in 1 semester, out of which 1 was their classmates only} and the faculty said that “he had various other works to do, if anyone else have guts he can come and teach, he never called the students to study in SLCU” {not my opinion heard from a 4th year}. leaving the petty issues behind.
    where is the general of all massacre […], who almost posted every flaws of law school, but this tym its his friend {mcs convenor} in the controversy. this time only he tried stay quite, can he reply to me in his as usual tone. In the reply please mention how you got the […] moot. Most of seniors won’t get into this issue as they have only 6 months of the power and claims, but you seniors have ruined the image of college for juniors like us. The motive of this post was just to plead before my respectable powerful seniors its okay that you are corrupt from inside but at least don’t wear a fake mask and show that you just took a bath in ganga.
    Mr. […] i am one of your committee member , so please don’t be a saint, not everybody but at least i know how you managed the attendance this sem and how many genuine internships you allotted.
    leave my college on its current status, with motive of making it a good law school you conveners just crushed it, that is what i pray from your seniors and i will suggest my classmates and juniors not to follow such seniors they can only give you a face bright but a rotten body. if you want to follow have a hand shake with the unsung heros such as vikhyat,devesh,bhagirath, shashank atreya,mahamaya, and many more who are not in limelight.

  3. This goes out as an advice to the chap who posted the blog. Having read what you have written, I understand where you come from and I understand your frustration. It’s tough to be recognized in a huge crown of 1400. But, why do you even want to take up all the trouble of organizing an even or heading a committee? You are in law school and there is much more to law school than heading a committee or organizing an event. Let me tell you, contrary to popular belief, all this would ‘only’ give you a good start when you pass out. It doesn’t take you any further. I don’t know which year you are in, but if you do get a chance, try talk to some of your seniors like Saptarshi Banerjee and Udit Seth for some good advice. I am sure they would genuinely and selflessly guide you.
    However, on a broader perspective, the blog post and the replies reflects the sorry state of affairs vis-à-vis students unity. Unfortunately, the prejudice and bias that divides the students in SLCU continues even after they pass out. This is where we lose out as pass outs of SLCU. My advice to everyone in SLCU, please grow beyond the prejudice and bias. Practice Article 14 in letter and spirit :p

  4. People just need a chance to make personal comments here…have no guts to walk upto SARTHAK MOHANTY….too scared of him I guess….have the guts to talk face up….dont comment behind our backs…that is what cowards do…wait if you really wana know if he can form sentences or no…il tell you… come ask me….wait I aint scared hiding my identity…Amanpreet kaur… MAIS…walk up to me…

  5. I would like to apologies to Lawctopus for being from a college where idiots like the poster study.
    The poster, being a failure in life, has a lot of vent and has found a convenient forum to do so.
    The Poster’s impotence in academics, co-curricular activities and life in general lead the person to fall to any depths for publicity, as in real life, no one is going to care about what a failure is going to say.

    I wonder how jobs actually offer what you are actually perceiving out of your unrealistic expectations of society. Congrats on scoring a 67 ( who does that?) could have done better….be glad Christ atleast accepted you. Why brag about your father’s job as a clerk, not his fault he gave birth to such a judgmental fool. When it comes to sex , drugs, smokes , nepotism and alcohol, that depends on your personal choices and Christ is not to be blamed. So now when it comes to the position of a gang lord, need some talent you know, but only the ones who cannot reach there will complain, a trait of the weak. Claiming attendance does happen but lets not forget the effort these people are giving in to put up a show like moot for idiots like you to participate. Probably Christ has a reputation and lets just credit these claimants for it. Well if people have worked for the last 3 years they should have done the same this year and not lose reputation on behalf of their personal absenteeism. There is a reason why people get chucked out, let’s not get personal here. Well it obviously takes an effort to become a convener among the 1400 students that study here. If you were smart enough teachers are just mentors , why blame them. But its hypocritical idiots like you who love the blame game and cannot stand for themselves . If you do have such an issue. do something yourself rather than blaming the system and the people.

    • Dear Sarthak Mohanty!
      Glad that you are finally able to form sentences, well it doesn’t seem that you wrote it.
      Whatsoever, Happy time doing so! 🙂 got your rank guaranteed already :p??
      BTW, what is law ?? (ROFLMAO)

      • Well seems like you know a lot about sucking up roomies haan… if u know law so well y ask sarthak… seems like losers like you just need to grab attention… jealous much…cant make your way up there haan!!! If he could not form sentences…he would not be above all you useless sneaky snitches…LMAO

      • dear nicompoop ,

        i love the way you potray me.

        You wanna know what is law? law is something that unruly parents broke while giving birth to you………….grow a pair of balls and confront me if u have the gutz to do that……………oooops you don’t (ROFLMAO)

        with alot of love
        yours sincerely ,

    • Hi Sarthak,
      Well thats mot the only problem that people face in Chrisg and I also think that even if we hsve a student union of 1400 students vhrist is going to suspend them all.

  7. More than highlighting issues that you face with Christ or the politics that go on, this seems like some personal vendetta, just the tone of the article. Whose climbed the rung and who hasn’t, how doesn’t matter. Gucci’s come at a price my friend, are you willing to pay that price?

    I don’t see what the problem is, honestly. The dichotomy here is sticking to your morals or sucking up. If I chose the latter, its okay, if it’s going to get me my Gucci.

    • Im in my fourth year in Christ University School of law and i have a fair idea that the accusations he is raising is against those of us are quite blatantly false. It is true that there are people in law school that claim attendance and it is also true that as with any other private college there are shady dealings that happen which are beyond the magnitude of what that once can conceive.

      Despite what i have stated i would like to say something if i may, that what you hear from other people is also not what is true. The so called great luminaries who refused to suck up to the system also have a murky past. The great boy who was denied a chance in the MCS also scammed attendance in case you didn’t know .

      The problem with you people is that you rely on hearsay evidence without any regard to hearing the other side and blatantly make accusations based on what you hear.

      My name is Shashank Nair and i am one of the heads of the internships and placements committee. I spent my time after college till about 8 in the night the whole of last year so that i could talk to firms and try getting as many contacts into out database. I spent most of time sitting in the conference room speaking to heads of different law firms and private lawyers who hated speaking to me and would most of the time abruptly hang the phone once they realized we are from a our private law school so that i could secure a few contacts for college. It wasn’t only me , that pushed for getting a separate internships cell and head to regulate our college’s placements. It was the entire committee that worked for it and we have had results and somehow pushed through despite our limited resources.

      Let me explain something to you, there is not great joy in bunking classes that you have paid to attend. My father hates the fact that i do it and the irony is that for most of us we have our internships already fixed , we do it so that we can help one one another and build a good fraternity. i personally do it for those students who have no place to intern and who have no contacts and genuinely need help.

      Of course you would conveniently leave their story outside your rant. Its sad that that rather than come and tell us your concerns, you would prefer to vent your frustration in a website and think yourself to be a big hero. It disgusts me that you do no have the courage nor the tenacity to own up for what you have said. I haven’t scammed a single internship in my life and i have made sure that nobody in my committee ever will. I have clean records and would invite any law student to open our database and check it if they like. Yet ungrateful pigs like you wouldn’t know the first thing of how to strive for something you truly believe in and work towards something without any incentive for yourself at all.

      I shashank Nair in my fourth year. I also head student council and the placements wing in college and have no shame in admitting it. I want people here to know that this idiot represents a minority of people who hardly have a clue as to how the college functions.

      “Speak truth to power”-Bayard Rustin

      • Hi,
        At the outset, let me tell that i personally never wanted to pay any attention to this, Secondly, dear author of the post, i don’t need your sympathy, thirdly Nair, just like you i also stayed in college till late night, may be am not as efficient or hard working as you are, but i tried; and never “SCAMMED” attendance, claimed it.
        To all the readers of this post, We at School of Law, Christ University (SLCU) have a well established system of committees, and its not only academics and performance which is a scale for choosing conveners, as a convener one has various responsibilities which a any not so proud and riff raff will never understand, he has to face a lot of things, one being exemplified by this post itself at national level. on top of it he/she is blamed for every little thing, we have seen instances recently, added to this he needs to have contacts, caliber to host and manage things, without in anyways compromising his/her studies and co-curricular activities plus limiting your social life to committee and its errands. just try to remember the 5th SLCUNMCC and Pan-India Jessups, organised last year.
        I have been there done that, not as convener but as an active member of committee and certainly i did not comply with more than one of the above-mentioned qualities and hence, more deserving and efficient people are heading committees. Period! (for showing sympathy )

        On other accusations and cribbing: get your facts right, and blow your sources deep throat, they are messing around with your head.
        Watch Kung fu panda and strive for peace.

        Shivam Pandey

        Shit i started behaving like this was and important mail or reply…… dear author of post-stop being sad or frustrated become awesome instead!


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