Internship Experience @ Chambers of Advocate Gokulesh Sharma, Mathura: Gained a lot of practical knowledge about criminal law {S}


Riya Singh Parmar


Chambers of Advocate Gokulesh Sharma, District Court, Mathura

Application Process

I was referred to Mr. Gokulesh Sharma through a friend of mine.


July 1st 2015- July 30th 2015.

First Day

The first impression of the advocate as a teacher and mentor was quite awesome.

For the first day he took me to a kind of a tour of the court to show what kind of work is done where.

Main tasks

As Mr. Sharma was a criminal lawyer so most of my work revolved around studying case files and understanding the case and making a report on it.

To extend my work so that I can learn more, he took me with him to the proceedings to show how it is conducted.

Work environment

The District Court of Mathura is filled with all kinds of people and to make the environment suitable for a girl to intern there my advocate took proper measures for it and hence I worked in an amazing clean and learning environment.

Best things

The best things were I never felt pressurized while working under him.

The work was enough to keep me busy all day and plus as a praise whenever I did my work good enough I was provided with a reward (that can be another superbly interesting legal work also ). 😛

Bad things

The only bad thing was that he went out of station a lot and that sometimes minimized my working hours.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

I gained a lot of practical knowledge about criminal law during this internship plus this was my first experience in a court and that too ended very nicely.


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