As part of the 4th Joint Academy, the Centre for WTO Studies is also hosting a series of Trade Talks. These are short talks on contemporary issues in world trade that are presented by the Resource Persons of the Joint Academy.  The details of the First Talk are provided below:

4th Joint Academy Week I – Trade Talks

Trade Talk by Prof. Arthur Appleton, Founding Partner, Appleton Luff, Geneva

Topic – RCEP and India: Shallow, Shallower, Shallowest or Empty?

Date: Thursday, 8 June 2017.

Time: 4:30 PM

Venue: Nalanda Hall, IIFT

Brief bio of the speaker is here(Arthur Appleton Bio). There are no registration fees, but those interested in attending the talk have to register by sending an email to by 7 June 2017. No follow ups are required for the same. Please note that no certificates will be provided for attending the talk.


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