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CLAT LLM Advice: Interview With Zainab Lokhandwala, AIR 2, CLAT LLM 2014

Sadly though, the top law colleges in India do not offer an environmental law LLM. NLSIU being the most reputed law school in the country has only 2 LLM programs. Thus, it is possible I might not use my CLAT rank at all.

The Lives of Legal UPSC Rankers: How do you stack up?

Harshit Bansal (Rank 333) from NLU D while giving advice for civil exams on Quora says "Keep reading a good newspaper and magazine to stay in touch of current affairs. Instead of YouTube or some tube random videos, make Wikipedia your friend. You can choose to familiarise yourself with CSE syllabus now, and follow newspaper religiously and keep daily diary of big things happening or concept and terms you learn on daily basis."
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The Abdaal Akhtar Interview [NALSAR Graduate; UPSC Civil Services Rank 35]: This exam is tailor made for lawyers

This exam is tailor made for lawyers. The General Studies papers test your knowledge of the country, its polity and its socio-legal institutions. Who else is better than a lawyer to comment and critique these? UPSC prefers concise, crisp and to the point answers that get to the core of the issue-something that lawyers excel in (but do not usually practice). The Ethics paper demands that you take nuanced positions on complex questions of morality-issues that lawyers grapple with on a daily basis. Law as an optional too is extremely rewarding-a large part of it is actually covered in your GS prep too.
Internship Experience @ AAG Saurabh Ajay Gupta, SC Delhi

Supreme Court Judicial Clerkship Examination: Analysis of May 2015 Question Paper

Apart from brushing up your concepts in each subjects and going through important provisions in the bare text there is nothing more you could’ve done to prepare for an exam like this.
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INTERVIEW: CLAT 2014 Toppers Arijeet (AIR 42) and Akshada (AIR 62)

I never bunked any of the classes at my coaching center. I was fortunate to have experienced mentors. At home I used to study daily for at most 2-3 hours and another 2 hours of reading the newspaper. Reading newspaper is a must for every CLAT aspirant.
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All India Bar Examination AIBE VII Has a New Syllabus

All India Bar Examination AIBE VII Has a New Syllabus. The AIBE 7 syllabus sees new subjects; restructuring of division of marks etc.
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Interview With Siddharth Dey: AILET (NLU Delhi Entrance) Rank 7

Having current NUJS undergrads as faculty members was an actual plus for me (combined, they took ALL the CLAT exams conducted till day) and I utilized it to the fullest; also the non-formulaic, non-mechanical way of teaching worked for me.
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6th All India Bar Exam AIBE on January 19th: Take BarHacker’s Preparatory Course | Money Back Guarantee | 100% Success Rate | Please Mention Lawctopus

If you are taking the bar exam for the first time or are re-taking it on 19 January 2013, do not worry - the groundbreaking crash course by Barhacker with a money back guarantee is back again. Please do mention Lawctopus as the source of information.
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The Maddening Story of All India Bar Exam (AIBE); Learnings from the US Bar Exam and Useful AIBE Links

The excuse of a new practice cannot be stretched over more than 2-3 years. Bar Council of India needs to implement stringent procedures to regulate its own conduct in terms of organising the exam. One can only hope that the subsequent bar exams uphold some level of dignity and prestige associated with an exam which could otherwise affect your right to practice as a lawyer. By Neeati Narayan

CLAT 2013 Will See Nearly 30,000 Aspirants; NLUD Continues Self-Ostracization; LSAT India Offers Alternatives

CLAT 2013 will see nearly 30,000 aspirants fight it out for a seat in one of the 14 National Law Universities: NLSIU Bangalore, NALSAR Hyderabad, NLIU Bhopal, NUJS Kolkata, NLU Jodhpur, HNLU Raipur, GNLU Gandhinagar, RMLNLU Lucknow, RGNUL Patiala, CNLU Patna, NUALS Kochi, NLUO Orissa, NUSRL Ranchi, and NLUJA Assam.

Sitting for the Civil Services Exam: What Internships Should I Do?

Question: I am in my 4th year and have at least 2-3 internships left. In one of your articles you mentioned that internships at this stage should be more career oriented.

I am preparing for the Civil Services Exam and would like to pursue a career in Indian Administration.

My query is what type of internships should I pursue?

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CLAT: 5 Ridiculously Simple Things Which Make The Difference

A blunt pencil will save you time in CLAT. A cold water bottle will provide the much need relief in the May month. A wrist watch is definitely better than the wall clock in the CLAT hall. A fruit just before the CLAT exam and the energy it gives and the breath of the yogi and of the CLAT aspirant!
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6 Books and Resources That You Must Read to Crack CLAT

CLAT 2011 will most likely be held on May 15. Lawctopus will help you throughout the journey. Stick with us. We are expert drivers. We'll soon come with detailed write-ups for each section of CLAT: English, GK, Legal Aptitude, Logic Reasoning and Maths. For starters, here are six books and resources which are a must read.