Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi is organising an International Conference on Conservation of Biodiversity and Sustainable Energy: Law and Practice on 12th -14th February, 2016.

Venue: Campus Law Centre, Chhatra Marg, University of Delhi, Delhi, India

Call for Papers

In order to achieve the objectives of the Conference, the participants are invited to make critical analysis on Conservation of Biodiversity and Sustainable Energy Conventions, Treaties, Protocols and other instruments.

In addition to Conventions/Treaties/Protocol based analysis of Biodiversity and Energy Laws, the participants are encouraged country-specific studies on the enforcement success or failure of Biodiversity Law, Energy Law, Trade Law, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Law, Development Law, Protection of Indigenous and Traditional Knowledge, Eradication of Poverty, Promotion and Role of Gender, Mitigation Plans, etc.


  • Devastation of Biodiversity: Scope and Extent
  • International and Regional: Legal and Institutional Framework
  • Energy Law and Sustainable Development
  • Biodiversity, Development and Eradication of Poverty
  • Gender and Biodiversity
  • Biodiversity, Trade Law and Intellectual Property Rights
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Mitigation Plan
  • Comparative / Domestic Laws on Biodiversity and Sustainable Energy

Abstract should be sent to:

­­­The deadline for submission of abstract is 15th December, 2015 by 2300 hrs Indian Standard Time.

More information is in the Brochure HERE.

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