Plans are afoot for a survey of the public distribution system (PDS) in Jharkhand, with special focus on the impact of compulsory Aadhaar based Biometric Authentication (ABBA). The details will be worked in the light of the response to this appeal (we apologize for the short notice).

The proposed dates are 17 June to 02 July 2017, including training and debriefing workshops in Ranchi. All volunteers are expected to stay for the entire duration (case by case exemptions will be considered for volunteers who have already participated in earlier surveys with us). They will be working in teams of 5-6 volunteers, with each team covering one or two districts.

Volunteers should be prepared to work in rural areas for 12 days without modern comforts. Prior experience of fieldwork is preferred but not essential. Fluency in Hindi or Bengali is desirable.

Those who speak Mundari, Sadri, Santhali or other local languages of Jharkhand especially welcome.

Subsistence expenses (and, on demand, travel expenses to-from Ranchi by cheapest route) will be covered, but there will be no remuneration. On the other hand, you may learn something, and even enjoy the experience!

Application Procedure

If you are willing to volunteer for this survey, click HERE.


15th May, 2017.

Alas, it is not always possible to involve everyone, but if you sign on, we will send you further information and keep you posted.

For further details, click HERE.

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