Call for Papers: VIT School of Law's National Seminar on Law, Science and Technology [July 23, Chennai]

Call for Papers: VIT School of Law's National Seminar on Law, Science and Technology [July 23, Chennai]

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  1. Whose abstract has been selected for the conference, will their paper gets published with ISSN/SSRN No.?
    If yes, where it can be accessible?(Online/Hardcopy)

  2. This is with regard to the call for papers for the seminar on Law, Science and Technology. For students wanting to submit a paper, can the submissions of the abstract and full paper be done online/ through mail? I make this request as I am not in the country currently and will not be able to submit the same physically.

  3. What is the fee for Advocates? whether they have to pay Rs. 1,500/- or any concession to them? The University has not given any link and it is difficult to read the brochure. After completion of the Seminar whether the University authorities are making efforts to keep the papers in their websites or not? whether the said papers are easily accessible to all or not?

    If the topics are interesting any Advocate having academic interest will read. My suggestion to the Universities like above .. after completion of the programme keep them in your official website and give the link in advance. So that the hardwork of the participants will be known to all. Otherwise their knowledge will be limited to the four walls of conference hall.

    • Sir, the Journals published by VIT School of Law are hard copies only. They will be available for a subsidized rate for the duration of Seminar.


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