The World Journal on Juristic Polity is a Quarterly Double Blind Peer Reviewed International Journal (ISSN: 2394- 5044) for research and insight in Law and Politics.

The World Journal on Juristic Polity Invites Articles, Short Notes, Book Reviews Case Commentaries and other such for Volume 2, Number 2 (June- August, 2016).

Submission Procedure

Academicians, Practitioners, researchers, students and others interested in the field may send original, unpublished papers to submissions@worldjournals.in


15th July, 2016


The Upcoming Issue shall attempt to cover the recent developments in law and politics and will try to capture the Informed Opinions on diverse issues of socio- legal and political importance.

The Issue shall inculcate various editorials and commentaries from think tanks across the Globe and shall aim at setting a trend with the first such Annual Special Digest for an International Law Journal.

Submission Guidelines

1. The title of the research paper should be appropriate.

2. The research paper shall be original and unpublished work.

3. The paper should not be plagiarized, and free from grammatical, spelling and other errors.

4. Co-authorship is allowed subject to a maximum of two. Full names of all the authors must be given.

5. The author(s) may follow any uniform method for citation.

6. The body of the paper shall be in Garamond, Font size 12, 1.5 Line Spacing. Footnotes should be in Garamond, Size 10 Single Line Spacing. A margin of 2 centimeters shall be left on all sides of the paper. Page borders shall not be used.

7. For detailed information please visit the Website and check the ‘Submission Guidelines’ tab.


WJ. JURIP operates without any theme; anything related to law is acceptable.


The format of WJ. JURIP is Print and CD ROM. Contributors however would be provided with the journal issue in CD-ROM. So as to procure a printed copy an additional amount of INR 500 is to be paid.

Word Limit

A. Articles (3000-5000 words including footnotes)

B. Short Notes (2000-3000 words including footnotes)

C. Book Reviews (1000-2000 words including footnotes)

D. Case Commentaries (1000-3000 words including footnotes)

Publication Charges (to be paid after acceptance)

1. Single authored paper- INR 1200

2. Co-authored paper- INR 1500


Suvid Chaturvedi, Ph. 9407317089

For further details, click HERE.
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  1. Paying to have your article published in a journal? That sounds very fishy. Have come across one or two other journals where this scheme is being run. I also had a look at the articles published by those journals and were very bad.

    Would really advise law school students to publish only with reputed journals, and also to publish only for the love of writing and interest in the topic, and not simply for the purpose of decorating your CV. A really bad trap to fall into!

    • Dear Jayant

      A high-quality journal needs high-quality editors. An awful lot of literature still gets printed and distributed around the world and that’s expensive. Remember, reading this, we are the ones who are most active online, and so our paper-reading habits are much more likely to be skewed towards predominantly (or even exclusively) online access, so are not fully representative. High-quality journals often also get involved in conference sponsorship, publicity, and so on. The peer-reviews get co-ordinated; there is often some vetting of suitable reviewers; their responses need to be interpreted correctly; special issues get co-ordinated; someone ensures a good balance of articles covering the journal’s remit.

      So, there’s a lot of costs, and someone’s got to cover them. If we want to publish at almost-zero overheads, we write a blog. A journal is much much more than a blog – and some of the things that make it much more than a blog, cost money. Also, we are all for the love of writing, but being in touch with reality takes a law student places, and it is a reality that the Employers do look into the publications that a prospective employee has and their quality thereof, before getting serious about their candidature for the job. That’s absolutely not to say, though, that we have Quality control issues at the Ed Boards of the Journals based on the Author Pays Principle- our contributors, especially at World Journals, will surely bear testimony to this.

      The World Journal on Juristic Polity, which is inviting papers in this case, has a 200 strong subscriber base, and gets posted to 15 International Institutions, 18 National Law Schools and Several other extremely reputed establishments and individuals, including the Department of Public Policy of the Government of India. So at least in this case, one can be rest assured of making the right decision in choosing this as a platform for the Publication of his/ her work.

      You are welcome to get in touch with us at worldjournals@hotmail.com. We will be happy to discuss this more with you.


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