Call for Papers: SGT University’s National Seminar on Medical Negligence; Submit by Nov 7


The seminar would focus on a range of subjects related to Medical negligence

Theme 1: Medical Negligence cases in India – Adequacy of law, legal issues involved,  response of judiciary and possible solutions

Theme 2: Role of media – whether it helps in bringing out medical negligence cases and create awareness among people or evokes undue fear among people by creating unnecessary hype

Theme 3: Reasons for increase in medical negligence cases and possible solutions

Theme 4: Need for safeguards for Medical professionals from frivolous medical negligence proceedings.


Deadline of Abstract Submission: 7th November, 2014

Notification of Acceptance: 10th November, 2014

Deadline of Full Paper Submission: 21st November, 2014

Seminar Date: 29th November, 2014

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Full details are HERE.


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